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Outside Usual Human Concepts

So, what’s new everyone? Well, nice to have a ‘double’, I see! Lets just see if he keeps on posting here.

Things still very quiet of late. I have had a few things to deal with though, so please forgive me for that. Nothing really serious; certainly nothing like the 2007 scenario when some outraged woman spent months trying to ‘get even’ for some silly idea that had come (rather been put) into her head. Human nature never ceases to amaze me!

Absolutely nothing much has happened. There is some dispute going on, on an American radio station Forum – but apart from that, all is quiet! Well, its not ‘quiet’ over on that, but it’s the usual story of me having to defend myself against one or two nutcases (quite literally).

But back to home. My foot is much better, and I am still enjoying the odd glass of beer when I’m sitting up late. “Don’t you witches ever sleep?”, someone recently asked me! No. Not in the normal way is the simple answer to that. And I don’t just sit up late for nothing. I’m trying to get my next two books finished, and sometimes working on two things at the same time can be a little difficult. I have to do that though as there are dead-lines involved. K. has really been a ‘Godsend’ in that she keeps pushing me, and just won’t let me be lazy. She’s not ‘over-pushy’ – but enough! She will ask me about a chapter I’m working on, for example, then phone a few days later to ask if I’ve finished it! I usually haven’t, and so I get a lecture.

One day I might get out of this writing business altogether! But then I guess I’d only have to find something else to do. If people only just stopped writing about myself all the time, it might be easier. But they don’t.  If its not one article, book or unsolicited manuscript that I have to answer, its another! But I guess I’m happy at the end of the day. I realise there is really great beauty in this vicious world sometimes, if you only know where to look for it. It does not lie in convention – even religion – but outside usual human concepts.

Maybe its more a question of going to that supreme Principle that really lies beyond both of these to find it. Well, one thing is for sure; That exists anyway.

For the moment.


7 responses

  1. I’m pretty sure that, although we share the same name, I am not a Witch as I am unable to stay awake beyond 11pm.
    It was very nice to see a reference to me at the beginning of you blog today. This is a first for me.
    I am also happy to see your foot is much better.
    Here is hoping that as I become a more regular poster we will have something in common to talk about/discuss.
    Thank you.

  2. I think this rubbishy “double” is another Farrant publicity stunt….I’m sure the “double” will show up on “You Tube” as well…

  3. Oh and David please answer a query that came up on that American board. Did you have sex with Twiggy?

  4. FOR CAT,
    That ‘rubbishy double’ hapens to be entirely genuine, and I shall be answering him a little later.
    As to your question about Twiggy, I will answer this as it was originally put on the Board.
    It was pointed out that myself and Bonky met Twiggy at a posh Holloway Road party, and he wanted to know who wolked Twiggy home.
    The answer to that is that it certainly wasn’t Bonky!

  5. That was a little unkind of CAT to dismiss the possibility of another “David” out of hand. Though as we converse I am sure all will become clear. I am also slightly concerned about his desire to know of your private life, re Twiggy.

  6. FOR DAVID FARRANT (Or should I say ‘me’?!)
    Sorry, I meant to reply before. But yesterday was just one of those days -one thing on top of another.
    Regarding your name, I am far from convinced that this is genuine. YOU may be genuine and you may be using my name here as an Internet name, but it surely doesn’t really matter. As I said, if anything I should just be flattered!
    Please don’t take too much notice of Cat. I don’t! And if I responded to all he has suggested, I would be in even ‘deeper trouble’ – at least as far as the ‘vampire critics’ are concerned. (There’s not many of them, I admit, but they just thrive on any sort of scandal).
    Yes. Keep posting by all means. By I will probably abbreviate your name to ‘DF’. That way it won’t seem like I’m writing to myself all the time!
    For now
    David Farrant (The original!)

    If David “enjoyed a bonk” with Twiggy….so what?….I can ask Farrant whatever I want….he doesn’t have to answer!

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