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Bounds Of Human Stupidity

Haunted Minsden Chapel
Haunted Minsden Chapel

Done it again.  Sorry everyone!  Long delay since my last Blog, and no real excuse for it.

I guess I just wanted to take a little break from writing at the moment, having not long finished 275 pages of my new book.  That really has been a lot of work; especially as it all has to be ‘word perfect’ – unlike here where it doesn’t matter what I say so much and make the odd mistake.  Anyway, that’s the reason, and it just happens to be true!

Anyway, I saw Della over the weekend, and as she was still here by late Sunday afternoon, I was able to introduce her to Jackie and Julie who don’t live that far from Enfield.  Both ladies have a deep interest in spiritualism and the paranormal; and also know quite a lot about the Enfield poltergeist case from 1977.  This also interested Della who has always had an interest in that case.  So we spoke about that, among some other cases as well.  Thanks for the wine incidentally Jackie.  You didn’t have to do that, but it was a nice thought.

Della arrived on Friday evening and we had a relaxing few days, just basically doing nothing.   But she prepared food over the weekend and she really is an extremely good cook.  How she managed in my somewhat untidy kitchen is itself a bit of a miracle; but she did, and the food was as good as you’d get in any restaurant.  Going back, Gareth and a friend were also here on the Friday, and between us we managed to get quite a lot done on the cover of the new book.

We have all agreed a new title now; but ‘no’ I’m not telling you yet.  Its called ‘author’s licence’, which is not realising some things until the appropriate time.

More has been happening on the ‘interview front’ as well.  But I’m afraid the same principle has to apply to that.  But don’t worry, you will hear about them!  And it won’t be too far off from now. Apart from all this, of course, there is the Los Anglers film project of the animated cartoon film which I have been advising upon.   I say ‘advising’ because this is the correct word.  It is not my copyright, although, of course, I have some say in its production as I am really one of the main stars in it.  I will only be ‘animated’ of course, but my only concern is that the caricature does not distract from my normal good looks!  And no, I am not kidding!  In fact, I have already expressed this view.   “David, do not worry.  You will not be disappointed with the final outcome”,  I was told.  I tend to believe that part, as only Americans could have pigs with wings going to heaven one minute, only to be immediately ‘booted into hell’ (minus his wings) for daring to question St. Peter!  But all good fun, I say.  The world needs to employ some humour sometimes, to go beyond the bounds of human stupidity!

Well, it’s a fairly drab misty day today – not cold, just a little damp.  But it was enough to stop me going out anyway.  Still got a few minor writing things to catch up on later, but nothing to lose sleep over.  Meaning if I don’t get it finished, will just have to be tomorrow.

So, I will try and do another Blog for the weekend.  Things are moving so quickly in other directions at the moment, there’s bound to be something to say.

For now everyone


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