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Finished The Book

Maybe a Pic for the new book

I have been so busy this past week, but my new book is finished now – almost every last word of it.

The writing is done, but there is more work to do, of course.  Appropriate pictures have to be sorted out; distribution arrangements, the ISBN, PR stuff; and I’m still waiting for that bloody cover – you know who!!

Its taken about 16 months, but been worth it.  It is the second volume of my autobiography “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire”; (but I’m not telling you the next title just yet) for the sake of anybody who has not been following this.  And, of course, it will have an Introduction – but I’m not telling you who’s writing that either.  You’ll just have to wait and see!  Well, I don’t want to spoil the fun; or rather give too much away yet.

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t done a Blog this past week.  I literally didn’t want to be distracted.  So what’s in it?  It covers my life from 1974 through the mid 1990s, and there’s a LOT in it.  I kid thee all not.  If its variety you like there’s enough of that – from people ‘dying in duels’ and ‘starring’ in ‘vampire movies’ to real life ‘cloak and dagger schemes’ that would make the devil appear like some reformed Church warden.  Yes, I can hear some people asking . . . is there any sex in it?  Well, maybe a bit, but only a little!

Earned a few days off now.  Still got other things to do.  Well, what do you expect? Running a large Society is not exactly easy.  That’s not something you can just ;finish’.  There’s always things to do.

Which reminds me, I’m STILL looking for a new secretary (but a trustworthy one this time).  Anybody got any ideas?  Qualifications not really necessary: except must be female; doesn’t object to working late hours, and making me coffee occasionally (or pouring me a drink!).  Other than that, I’m not that fussy!

Well, I think I’ve earned a drink or two tonight (or maybe 3 or 4).  Definitely having a short break before I start the 3rd Volume.  Yes there’s still another Volume to do, in case I forgot to mention it!

Please phone me over the weekend K and I can fill you in.  And Simon, I’ll be posting that for you on Monday.

For the moment,     David


16 Responses

  1. Glad to hear that the second volume is complete. Let me know when it is available for purchase as id definitely like to buy a copy.

  2. Thank you David. You are too kind. I am doing okay thank you. I have just got over this terrible flu that has been going around, but im well on the mend now. How have you been doing? I have been keeping up to date with the postings on the Highgate thread on Supernatural World and i must say, some of the rubbish that individuals post is ridiculous. I am hopefully heading your way soon (London) for a short break. I hope its warmer than here!
    Take care

  3. Of course I will Powder Gem. Soon as I have copies I’ll post one then email you to say that I have. Hope everything’s well,

  4. Dear David
    Hope you are well, happy new year hope it will turn out to be a good one.
    Let me know when volume 2 is ready as I am looking forward to reading it.
    Regards Matt

  5. Dear David,
    well i have been researching various threads and I just wanted to say, over many hours reading through the internet…MY GOD SOME CERTAIN PERSON IS OBSESSED WITH ATTACKING YOU!!! I am very surprised!!!!
    The amount of material he spreads all over his many blogs and anyother site he can find is…he must be not right in the head? He’s

  6. He’s disturbed…unwell.
    He reminds me of a person who’s desperate to claw any attention to him self…its like he is saying “its me…listen to me…I’m important not him” kind of expression…like I said desperate.
    Anyway, thought I would send my good wishes to you.
    A friend
    sorry for the 2 parts of this message, slipped on the laptop keys lol

  7. Thanks you Powder Gem
    Glad you got over your flu now. You are not alone in that though; several people I know have had it. Luckily I escaped it – well maybe being a witch (a good witch mind you!) had something to do with it.
    I have seen the Supernatural World website, its hard not to follow it really when people keep writing about me!
    How long will you be in London for? Lets meet up if you have time? London’s not that bid a place considering the tube network. Anyway, we’ve known each other for over a year now, so it woud be nice if you’re not too busy. I’ll email you about that later though, enough lack of privacy as it is!
    Thanks Powder Gem, and talk later

  8. Ooops. I too pressed the send key before i had completed my message. Dohhhh.
    What i was saying was that im better! Haha. Witches dont catch flu then! Lucky so and so’s!
    Yes, there are a few on that forum who are a little obsessed with yourself. You should take it as a compliment really but it must be rather frustrating! Im not sure i’d handle it so well myself.
    That’d be fantastic. Ill be in London from friday to sunday most likely in March sometime. I havent confirmed a date yet but it’d be great to meet up if you are not busy, which i know is rarely ever the case. I will let you know when i have some more information about my trip but until then, take care of yourself.
    Remember to let me know when i can buy the book 🙂

  9. Dear David,
    many thanks for sorting out the books and dvd, I will have an enjoyable time reading them etc.
    Hope all is well with you and speak again.

  10. dear David,
    I have had a long interest in the highgate case, I was wondering if you ever explored the tunnel between the two cemeteries, the old tunnel which runs under the road…did you ever get a chance to go down there in the 1970’s? I just wondered.
    Also, running the risk of boring you to death, I read some where that you were discussing the catacombs under the ground in highgate…do these catacombs go any depth under the ground?
    I have wondered for a while how much of the cemetery is under the ground, we know a fair amount about above ground, monuments etc but at the risk of sounding really dumb, to what exstent did the victorians burrow, perhaps digging large vaults in highgate…any ideas?
    Listen, I really do enjoy all your feed back you give me…its a delight.
    kind regards

    Yes a meeting then would be fine and we can arrange it later. In fact, March will most likely be better than February weather-wise. But sure we can arrange something for then.
    Thanks Powder Gem

  12. David, when you say that there is ‘only a little’ sex in your forthcoming book, I think that this will decrease its market potential; but, of course, you are indifferent to commercial considerations.
    I think you should explain that your search for a secretary means a PERMANENT secretary, since as I have noticed you have more than one part time secretary. I was particularly struck by the cleavage of one of them, though this is I suppose a sexist remark, and the lady concerned would doubtless wish to be known for her literary abilities rather than her mammary development. Talking of sexism, it is illegal to specify that an applicant must be female, though I recall a restaraunt owner in the 1970s who advertised for “A waiter or waitress: must look good in a frilly apron”, so anyone wishing to fulfil the duties of David Farrant’s secretary “must be willing to type whilst sitting on his lap wearing a miniskirt.”
    In an earlier post you mentioned Johnny Wood, and put up a photograph of us taken with him one summer, but did not explain the circumstances. He was a member of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, but I thought that his policy was more sane than that of many allegedly serious politicians. He had heard that, in the event of a major catastrophe in London, there might not be enough blood available for transfusion. So he proposed to put on a benefit rock concert, the principle being that, if you gave blood, you would get a free ticket to the concert. Unfortunately, so far as I know nothing came of his praiseworthy idea.
    Gareth J. Medway (posted by David Farrant)

  13. PLEASE NOTE EVERYONE!: That comment about my new book and gettiing a new secretary was NOT written by myself. It was written by Gareth He was reound here and said he wanted to post something . . . uncensored. Well, as he gave me a lot of helf with the book, I agreed but it strictly only represents his own opinion – not mine! It is true I am looking for a new secretary, but not in the way he is trying to imply!

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