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Auld Lang Syne

Well, it’s been a week since Christmas, but at least all the bloody ice and snow has gone now. And so on into the New Year.

News? Not a lot really, although I did have another visit from Della last night. We just sat around and talked only this time she brought round some very intriguing letters and photographs relating to the Black Magical activities that took place in and around Highgate and other nearby parts of north London spanning over a ten year period from the late 1960s onwards. I offered her a glass of wine and she filled in quite a bit of background about the material she had brought, as I was also able to do for her.

At last it seemed to be all ‘fitting together’; the whole of the story so obvious, but as yet, untold. Having said that, I gave her my word that her confidence in myself was not misplaced. She said it was not that it could not be published eventually, but she just wanted my word that I would not release any material without her prior say so.

One particular thing that concerned her was her set of photographs relating to HC taken in 1971. We spent some time discussing the meaning of various glyphs and symbols, and their significance – as well as the identities of other people that she felt were definately connected with the use of Highgate Cemetery at the time. One of these people apparently was also making ‘nocturnal visits’ to Kensal Green cemetery in North London, with his friend who was by profession a taxidermist.

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve tonight. My long talk with Della certainly brought to mind several old acquaintances from the past, although Della seemed anxious above all else to discourage me from dwelling too much on these matters and to concentrate on the present.  In fact this was not hard, because ‘work’ over, we really had a lovely time talking about other things going on at the moment which for a refreshing change had nothing to do with Highgate Cemetery, Highgate forums, the world wide web or the omnipresence of some silly ‘vampire’!

Della did seem a little concerned because she thought I wasn’t eating enough, although I tried to explain my weight had always been consistent and I am really quite healthy. But it didn’t work! Because she suggested that next time we might meet for dinner.

Well she had to go eventually, although we are meeting again in the New Year. Which I shall be celebrating soon with another bottle of wine!



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  1. Good tidings! david
    glad to hear you are well.
    did you ever collect peter underwoods series of ghost books from all parts of the country? That is how I first discovered the supernatural though the peter’s investigation, I am still trying to collect his series,he went to places such as cornwall, devon, recording the local ghosts etc. he also I think he introduced me to your case in highgate.
    I love books, especially books that cover the real ghost and folk tales in real places and people. My other interests include: lord of the rings, paganism, ufos and writing being creative. been involved in wicca many years ago and still have a core affection for its basic framework of lore, such as the love of nature, sex, ritual celebrations and freedom.
    anyway wanted to tell you alittle of myself to start the new year off.
    best regards
    what della shared with you sounded very interesting: I ve pasted the passage below:
    “We just sat around and talked only this time she brought round some very intriguing letters and photographs relating to the Black Magical activities that took place in and around Highgate and other nearby parts of north London spanning over a ten year period from the late 1960s onwards.”
    That is music to my ears, I am collecting some information for my files (creative writing) and am very curious? lol
    talk again

  2. No I don’t believe she has Simon. But she has a private email and sure she wouldn’t mind you having this. In fact, I saw her last night, but I will just check its OK for you to have her email, then I’ll forward this to you.
    Hope all’s well,

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