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A Whole New Level Of Bonkiness

Earlier today Della and I had a Skype meeting with a friend in Australia, whom we surprised by awarding them a “Cabal Membership” Gold Level.

Recently he has been taking a lot of flak from a certain person with a ‘Bonky’ point of view who accuses him of being ‘too friendly’ with myself, and a free Premium membership was the least we could do.

Ironically enough, the very person making this accusation is the Bonky One himself hiding behind yet another invented alias; and even funnier is that he just cannot see that everybody knows that it‘s really him!  In fact, there is absolutely nobody else posting all these invented exchanges and, being merely projected images emanating from just one person, it goes without saying that none of these ‘Fingermouse’ style posts represent the views of bona fide people.

I must confess, however, to being rather sad to see the Australian recipient addressing the sock puppets as though they have some substance.  It is rather tantamount to knowing that one is talking to the organ grinder directly, but inadvertently confusing readers into thinking that one is in dialogue with the monkey!

It would appear that the Bonky One’s posts are entering into a new stage of madness . . . Poor ol’ Anthony has now been turned into an Australian Aboriginal;  notwithstanding he’s white and got blue eyes beneath his Internet ‘Dracula Mask’ which any normal person can see quite clearly; and according to him lives in a suburban city in south west Australia literally miles away from any Aboriginal Reservation!

As usual the Bonky One is basing his latest fictional story around a photograph of an unrelated person, who most likely has no knowledge that his personal Facebook photographs have been plundered and stolen in the pursuance of a personal vendetta with which he shares nothing but his given name (if that).

Anyway, quite apart from that, the question remains – why is being ‘accused’ of being an Aborigine intended as an affront? Surely this has more to do with the warped mindset of the ‘accuser’ than the sensibilities of the ‘accused’, or indeed most civilised people?

So what if Anthony is an Aborigine? He isn’t. But maybe that is besides the point. What would it matter if he was, and who would it matter to?  Maybe only to fake posters on the Internet  (or one particular individual more precisely)  who, after all, is basically still only trying to obfuscate and exploit the truth of the infamous Highgate ‘vampire’ story some 42 years on.

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