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Watch Out London, We’re back!

Drew relaxing downstairs at the spa

Back in London, as you may have guessed, after a very busy few days in Yorkshire.

Must say we did have a leisurely start to the day, in the spa at Drew’s. He took us into the sauna room which is reserved for him for certain times of the day, and I must say it is quite am impressive place.  Steamy rooms – some much more than others – exercise equipment, massages available and al sorts of beauty therapies.  We chose just to have the basic sauna, to refresh us for our trip back to London. We certainly noticed the cold as soon as we stepped out to the private car park however! And were glad to be in the car with heating on, and heading south away from the wet weather.

Strangely enough as we parked up outside our house, we looked up to see a huge rainbow arcing over Muswell Hill Road,  right from wood to wood, almost as if it was welcoming us home.
Or perhaps it was welcoming someone else home…Had to be back in London today actually, as we are expecting another guest at the end of the week, who will be in the UK for about a month. Longer than planned, which suits everyone. He will be staying at a temporary residence in London for the first few days, passing through town and then heading down to the South West for a few weeks, where he will be in charge of some cycling events on behalf of his friend and colleague. But will almost certainly see him again before he flies back out to his life of luxury in the Middle East.

Well really have to make this a short Blog tonight, only been back a few hours now and have things to sort out. But will leave you with this souvenir picture of Drew that Della took this morning in the spa before we left.  And see you tomorrow everyone!



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