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Been keeping very late nights quite recently trying to get the books done. Its quite time-consuming really as its not just ‘straight writing’, I have to copy stuff from discs into the text which can be quite tedious; especially with so many discs to work from, and add to that my filing system.

But its useful in a way because in the process of finding and checking disc material, I come across other material that I want to include. For example, yesterday some very interesting material written by someone else about the Highgate case and their involvement in it and their thoughts about some of the claims made about it by other people. (Me being one of them!). All good stuff, especially as the person claims that all this material was personally researched by themselves. Admittedly, the material is a year or so old, but in a way that’s even better as it clearly demonstrates their independent views at the time. And its interesting to contrast these with present day ‘changes of mind’ about ‘vampires’ and the somewhat ridiculous stories surrounding the alleged existence of these.

I was really a little tired yesterday. Trying to concentrate on books and then being distracted by silly posts elsewhere, can be a little ’tiring’. Better not to write at all really if you really just don’t feel like it, so I don’t really know why I’m even writing this! Still, I did meet someone really special recently, so maybe that makes up for it a little.

I have decided to say precious little about that here, but I’m sure some people realise she really does mean a lot to me – probably even some people here do as well even from the little I’ve said. It really makes such a God almighty change to realise that there are some people who are genuinely not out to use you or harm you. I don’t know what’s going to happen; but at least I know it won’t be anything like that.

It really is getting a little cold and miserable now, and January and February haven’t even arrived yet! Doesn’t really make that much difference, I suppose, but it just makes it a little more difficult to go out.

Thanks to the people who emailed about my “Ghosts, London” ghost story. I quite enjoyed it myself because it was a simple ‘gentle one’; no exaggeration on the part of the lady concerned; she just wanted to know what was happening, if there was really a ghost in her house or if it was just ‘creaking floor-boards’!

I looked at the YouTube vampire clip again, and quite honestly, I’ve never seen anything quite so funny! It was mainly ‘funny’ because it was meant to be serious! Thank God most people don’t accept that sort of rubbish, is all I can say! There’s always a tiny minority, of course, but that really remains their problem. (And anybody who does literally believe in, or even supports the existence of, ’real vampires’ must themselves have a real problem!).

Vampires simply do not exist. Their only place (if any) is confined to the realms of fiction. And fiction is only really made up of imaginings in the human mind. Dreams, in other words, that have no substance in reality.

Some people are just trapped in their own dreams, I suppose. And just live in a fantasy world. I like to think that at least I’m not. I’ve been accused of many things, but I think that so long as you stick to the truth – I mean, the real truth – you can never go far wrong. Seeing ourselves with open eyes is sometimes very hard to do. People so often tend to hide behind false illusions or ideas. Human nature, I guess. You can’t really blame anybody.

The only tragic thing, is when we can’t admit this to ourselves.
For now,


9 Responses

  1. My cat brain cannot suss why the Brighouse Blonde is obsessed with ME now, and making unkind remarks about myself! Well at least now I know how David feels (and I will never tease him about it again!) Perhaps I heard the kissing rumour wrong, it might have been Gareth M. that she advanced herself upon, I don’t know, they are just “tales told out of school” is all, why such fuss?

  2. Yes Cat. So she’s turned against you now! Perhaps now you realise a little what its like to be on the receiving end of such garbage!
    And you, with your pedigree!
    Leaving the subject slightly, I must say I’m intrigued as to the ‘therapy’ “Speedqueen” might have in mind for me!
    Better not ask her here – she might just tell me!
    For now,

  3. Oh bolocks I see those man-obsessed birds are catfighting on Youtube again.
    Let me say this, I did not ORIGINATE rumours of Babs and Gareth, I merely REPORTED what my cat ears have heard about.
    Best thing is to ask Gareth himself whose bedroom he tiptoed in and out of that week, although a true gent will never “kiss and tell”.
    I am rather surprised at all the hissing and scratching from the two women of Christian faith. Surely they realise that when “throwing mud around” they are liable to get hit with some mud themselves.
    Yet, I’LL probably get the blame for this cock up and be banished to my basket. Grrr!
    Now David, if you could limit your, erm, “activities” to one woman your troubles would soon dissolve. Yes, I give my approval to a test drive of Speedqueen as soon as can be arranged. Maybe she can hold your interest!

  4. I wish I could cat. (Confine my ‘wicked activities’ to just one woman!).
    I don’t mind “Speedqueen”, but now I also seem to have the ‘Statue; and her accomplise on my plate. Add to that “Yvette”; well I just don’t really know how to deal with all these univited females. (That is not meant for you “Speedqueen” as I know we have not even met yet).
    My “girl with no name” is different, of course; but I just wish these old people could just leave me alone! Just want some peace, that’s all!
    For now’
    For now’

  5. thanks cat for your approval and dont worry i,ll do a lot more than hold his interest ! as for all these other females who are being nasty to you and David would soon learn that they are past news that no one wants to hear and as for babs id soon dispose of her.but i never stay around for long if im not required i,ll disapear into the night so be warned its make your mind up David …….

  6. And talk they will! Their verbal assault against me is designed to stifle my miaowings! Such as this remark, which quite ‘ruffled my fur’.
    -“David Farrant sets up a dead, possibly murdered, cat persona on his blog…The dialogue takes the form of the cat asking innocent sounding but naughty and pointed questions at David. He answers by telling the cat off and slipping in some bilious comment about the two Yorkshire mad-women”
    Certainly no one really gives a dash who kissed who, or if Ms. G “had her fancy tickled” behind closed doors – or not.
    I am just not able to understand how some people profess to be “religious” yet spend all their time on blogs attacking others.
    It’s too much for my small ‘cat brain’ to process!

  7. For Columbine,
    Yes, its from someone we all know very well – or thought we all knew very well before our trust was betrayed.
    But the best thing in such circumstances is to leave people to talk fro themselves, which is exactly what I’m going to do.

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