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A Different Christmas Present

It was so quiet today. Well, it would be I suppose because its Christmas day. I am not talking about inside all the millions of homes, but outside of them when everything almost seems like a different world.

Hardly any traffic, hardly any people, and hardly much else anything – except quiet. I went for a wander through the nearby woods this afternoon. I was glad of the chance to get out; mainly because the has suddenly turned much milder. Very slight drizzle but that didn’t seem to affect the increased temperature. This past week has been so cold and miserable, that it was really no pleasure to have to walk out in it. But today was so quiet and peaceful; even the Woods were devoid of shouting children; most were probably still indoors enjoying their presents.

So I could walk around, not restricted by the cold, and in solitude. That doesn’t bother me really. I have always preferred to be alone most of the time. Indeed, I do most of my serious writing into the early hours when most other people are sound in sleep. Its just more peaceful, and so less distractive. I find it makes the mind so much clearer; more perceptive in fact to the reality of things. Just being able to perceive things as they really are; without any pre-judgement. Without trying to sound clever or conceited; that is really an unique gift really when so many people are virtual prisoners of their own thoughts.

‘My beliefs’, ‘my opinions’. ‘my reasoning’ or ‘my justification for my reasoning’, are really things its good to be free of. The very fact you can see this, means you are not entrapped by this habitual process. Many people are caught in this manner though; but its nice to be completely detached from it. Do you know, I do not want Christmas cards or presents (although I always seem to get them anyway!); but I have to admit a short video ‘starring’ myself (with some others) was released early today – or yesterday (I still confused by the American time difference). It was SO funny. And so true into the bargain! You couldn’t really have expected a nicer ‘Christmas present’! I laughed so much – luckily because I’ve always retained my sense of humour.

Problem is, it also portrayed my friend Gareth in a caricature; so God only knows how he will react when I get to show him! He’ll probably think its funny too, as he has got a sense of humour as well!

Well, I finally left the Woods to get back home before the light faded – which is where I’m obviously writing this. But I think I really will have a ‘day off here’ tomorrow. ‘Boxing Day’ is bound to be a little ‘noisier’. So more insensitive to avoid it!

For the moment though,



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