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A Happy Yuletide Everyone

And to think, I’ve been complaining about Saturdays! You couldn’t move up the road today. Christmas Eve obviously and everybody ‘stocking up’. Well I suppose I was one of them, but I wasn’t concerned about extravagant Christmas food; mainly that I didn’t run out of things like beer!

You can always get it in the smaller shops – even on Christmas day – but it is much more expensive. I have never really given much thought to money but even I am aware that the difference can easily add up. But its not only that; it’s the principle. You can pay enough for things like wine as it is, without paying sometimes double for bottles purchased in a supermarket. And often the quality is far worse!

Still, I’m all stocked up now and want for nothing. Actually, I been invited to a few places over Christmas, but turned all the invitations down. There is one I have promised to accept for next year, but that is different. Why? I’m not telling you!

I saw Gareth last night instead of Friday. He was going to a Winter Solstice gathering with some other people and it was special to him so I don’t mind. When I showed him the ‘no further action’ letter, he didn’t seem at all surprised. “I always knew it wouldn’t come to anything” was basically all he said. And virtually everyone who knows about the whole business has said the same thing. Except for two people, of course, but they have now been officially proved wrong! Never mind. There is really no need to ‘rub it in’. I just remember that old saying . . . “A guilty conscience doesn’t need pricking”!

To more pleasant memories; I am really intrigued by all the interest people have shown in the books. My email has been almost ‘clogged up’ by personal enquiries; and the main one of my Website with general ones. I feel a little guilty having to let some other people do them, but I think they are aware that left to me, many of them might get delayed, even not answered. Well, I have been busy. And that’s not an excuse; its really true!

It might sound ‘mean’, but I’m just glad that generally most people don’t know my personal address. I’ve been overwhelmed with Christmas cards as it is! It might also sound a ‘little mean’ to admit that I haven’t returned any. But that’s just me. I only sent one card this year but that was to somebody very special.

Well, I’ll finish this for now as I have some more files to write into one of the books. I can scan a few documents in, in A5 but in the main, many of them have to be typed out.

So have a good Yuletide everybody. Might write something tomorrow; just see how it goes.

For now though,


16 responses

  1. merry christmas to everyone!
    i love the new vdo.
    BBFC has got some talent with the artwork.
    i love the bit where david kicks bonkers in the face with the football.
    BBFC’s been a bit too nice about how the ex g/f looks though!!
    she’s a proper mare!!!

  2. i think BBFC should make a proper cartoon like south park but with all the characters from this story.

  3. A happy Yule indeed. It seems I have been given the gift of a (small but important) role in the Bonkers videos!

  4. I have to admit, Craig, those guys are really good. I just took a little break from working on more serious stuff, and it really cheered me up!
    Talk about ‘many a true word spoken in jest’! That’s one main reason I liked the comic they did.
    For now,

  5. Good to see you and Old Bonky singing together. Even if it was only a cartoon. Makes one think of glad tidings, brotherhood, peace on earth, etc.

  6. I guess that needs an answer, Craig. Though I’ll leave it for just a bit until I finish off a current chapter. Maybe a little later.
    For now,

  7. FOR CRAIG – FINISHED REPLY (Sooner than I thought!),
    Well, I’ve had a short break Craig from other things, so here is the answer to your comment:
    I really don’t want to get involved in things like that here, Craig. But there is really no need to anyway.
    I think most people are already aware of what you mean.
    For people to support those with evil intent, is really little different from executing the evil they may be supporting on a personal basis.
    Which indeed, is what has happened.
    It is a trap that ensnares many people – even those claiming to adhere to Christian doctrines about the dangers of evil.
    “Choose this day whom thou wilt serve – God or Mammon”, said the founder of the Christian church.
    It seems that the temptation not to follow very human motivations and desires, is just too much for some people!
    Anyway, this should not really be a time for condemnation; against anybody, should it?!
    After all, it is Christmas (or ‘Christ Mass’ to give it its correct name), so lets just allow any evil intent against others to ‘take care of itself’!
    It will!
    For now,

  8. Makes me think of how the situation is do diametrically opposed to reality! I would be condemed to the place of ‘fire and brimstone’ if he (and she) had their way!
    Still, I guess its a nice thought for Christmas!

  9. Hi David,
    I loved the video – most accurate! Ha ha! I liked the part where you and ‘Bonky’ are sitting there, dressed in ladies’ crinolines! Highly amusing!
    It’s such good news about the case being dropped – that’s the only thing that could have happened with that. Where was that going to go, except in the court marked ‘Bin’? I ask you…..
    Have a wonderful day and I’ll be in touch soon.

  10. Yes, I loved the video too, Columbine – even though I was right in the middle of it, so to speak!
    The case you refer to was indeed dropped after having gone to the CPS for full investigation. It was concluded it had only been brought out of malicious intent aided by ‘other influences’.
    For this reason alone, it is unfortunately far from over.
    Do you remember my post here a while back, about ‘supping with the devil’? It was symbolic,admittedly; but when people do chose to support evil, they should not be surprised if they become contaminated by it!
    Sorry to hear about your ‘brother situation’. Hopefully we can discuss that on the phone.
    Again, pleased you liked the video. I couldn’t have wished for a better Christmas present! (I’m not ‘like that, by the way!). I’ll kill that bloody Cat!
    For now,

  11. Oh David, these negative intentions ALWAYS have a habit of coming back and biting the culprit on the bum. As we witches know, the Universe works in mysterious ways; it’s best not to antagonise it. Look how it’s ended up with certain folks having had their own bums bitten….
    Yeah. loved the video…it turned an otherwise dull Boxing Day into a ‘fun spot.’ With a bit of luck, maybe I’ll be featured in the next episode. Ha ha!
    P.S. Sorry for using the word ‘bum.’ I couldn’t think of a better word to make the impact I wanted.

  12. No, that words not too bad Columbine. “Bum” is also American anyway!
    I agree evil intent always returns in some way or another to those who harbour it.
    Don’t know if it literally ‘bites’ people in that way though!
    Mind you, having said that, I did once know someone who accidentally fell asleep against a red hot hot-water bottle and burned that part of her anatomy! Maybe it some unrecognised premonition of evil yet to come!
    For now,

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