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Mostly Quiet

I’m really not going to post much today. Just don’t feel like it really.

Nothing much has happened in this short space of 24 hours, anyway, so nothing really interesting to say.

I did get an uninvited response to my Blog yesterday. When I had not even mentioned the person responsible for making this. I was talking about someone else entirely; but that seemed enough to promote half a page of venom elsewhere! I guess the answer with some people is, ‘if the cap fits, wear it’ . . . think there’s a lot of truth in that old expression..

I had a long talk with a friend last night. I was a bit uncertain about certain things, and we spoke for quite a long time. The person is a close friend, and I think they knew exactly what I was trying to convey. Its nice when you can speak to people sometimes; especially when you know they understand what you’re trying to say. That doesn’t happen often; at least with me! I confided in the person over my deep fears over a relationship. That’s all I need to say here!

Apart from that, things are mostly quiet. Well, the important things, anyway.

For the moment,


9 responses

  1. I (or cats in general) am still being attacked by those pillocks on YouTube. Someone even claimed I took part in the Pagan Orgies (with a ‘poof’, no less) way up North at Babs Knocking Shoppe!
    And I am really confused now. How did Gareth’s shaving brush end up being lost in Babs bedcovers? And must everyone who stays overnight leave an envelope of money on the Madame’s dressing table?
    I don’t know how that all got so mixed up, it’s quite bonkers, like the subject of vampire hunting itself!

  2. The ‘shaving brush’ story? it’s a bit boring, Cat, but here goes:
    Some two years Gareth and myself went to stay at a house in Yorkshire for a couple of days. Now, there were no mirrors in the house (explanation from the owner was that she did not want to be reminded of ‘getting old’) which made it rather difficult to shave. Still, we managed somehow!
    Now, after we’d left, Gareth discovered that he’d left his antique shaving brush there. I learned that the owner had discovered this but thrown it away thinking it was ‘junk’. I was asked to tell a ‘white lie’ about this which I duly did. I told Gareth it had not been found.
    But I did feel a little guilty about this and so I went out and bought Gareth a new one.
    Well, I told you it was boring!
    I never said that any ‘orgies’ had taken place there. That was a suggestion made either by yourself or Evie – or both. (Still like to meet that cute little girl, by the way!).
    Such a suggestion though, is not really surprising or uninvited in view of the salicious comments being made by this person on another Blog. When this sort of thing is spread around it invariably comes back to you in one form or another!
    I did leave the person some money when we left to put towards the food.
    Anyway, that’s the story of the ‘shaving brush’ (suppose I’ll just have to show Gareth this tomorrow!).
    For now though,

  3. I am glad you explained the meaning of the phrase, “the house with no mirrors”.
    Because I was told it referred to mirrors being removed from posh London knocking shops because MP’s, royals, etc. wished to avoid “looking themself in the eye” while engaged in sinful behaviour!

  4. Also, mirrors in molly-shops make the poshy clientele nervous, as they fear cameras might be concealed behind two-way glass.
    (I know this from reading the sordid tabloid news which used to line my “litter box”!!!)

  5. See here David, one more bit of explanation, as I don’t wish to have Babs blaming you for my misunderstandings (as she is doing in her You Tube and blog remarks.)
    I never said I there were “orgies”, it was that Tony from Alton or Basinstoke prating on about “orgies” and “nudie parties:” etc. which I commented on. If Gareth’s shaving brush was mislaid in that tykes knicker drawer she has no reason to be angry with David especially since he tried to leave at least some dosh on the pillow .
    There. Hope that cleared things up!
    NB – Brilliant on the cartoon videos. I always told Baldry you’d be famous.

  6. That’s probably true as well Cat, but I never made such an innuendo about that house.
    I have asked the person elsewhere where she alleges I did so, and invited her to point to it.
    Needless to say, she will not be able to do so!1

  7. Well if I were Gareth I would be verrrry upset if my £345 victorian silver shaving brush got nicked, perhaps he should check the shops up North, maybe the brush found it’s way to a dealer where he could buy it back. Not accusing anybody of anything, just saying, if he values it, worth a gamble to look. Miaow.

  8. Thanks for reminding me Cat. Yes, I remember now, it was this Tony guy from wherever who was making the salicious innuendoes’.
    Then she blamed you! Just shows how confused this person really is!
    And remember, ‘I’ am supposed to be behind it when I have not even heard of this ‘Tony’!
    Well, lets see her ‘square’ that, if she can. Quite honestly I think she’s making herself appear even more and more stupid!
    For now,

  9. I think the ‘silly cow’ in question just threw it in the bin Cat.
    Talking of that (bins), that reminds me, I still haven’t got rid of that blasted statue!
    For now,

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