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A Long Moment

Just a quick post today, everyone. Well, I did warn you! I really do have to cut down my posting time. If otherwise, to stop myself being forced to be distracted from what I am doing, which is working to a deadline to get the two books completed.

But to be fair, I will tell you basically how those are going.

The first one is not so much a problem, as its already been written. But new linking chapters to be added plus some new photographs (well, I say ‘new’, I mean perhaps some old previously black and white one’s of Highgate and Highgate Cemetery, etc.).

The other one has been more work as it involves writing material completely afresh; but there is enough of that to hand. I am putting a long chapter into this called “Pact with the Devil” which will be illustrated and contain documentation (official documentation) to support the text. This will include signed statements made by people who either claimed to have known certain people, or to have actually been involved with other people claiming a direct involvement in the Highgate case. It is all solid material, and it will be published as such. It has to be really as the record really must be set straight.

Well, I guess it really wouldn’t matter so much, if false statements hadn’t been put on record. But they have been, to one motivation or another, and facts seen to be of public importance must be seen to be accurate in every sense of the word! That’s really enough of that at the moment. But only for the moment!

What else. Well, I actually kissed her today. Not just a gentle kiss on the forehead or cheek, but a real one. It was so more important because she responded. I was typically embarrassed maybe, but she just held me and clutched me tight as if telling me not to be. But I was embarrassed.. No. Not so much that, but I was genuinely worried if she might, well, if I hadn’t kissed her correctly. It only lasted for two minutes or so, but during that time (which seemed ages longer) I felt a complete sense of fulfilment. I couldn’t see her face properly, but I didn’t have to. I could see her deep eyes quite clearly, though, which is why I kissed her. There was absolutely nothing more than that. Sexual feelings didn’t even come into it. Or if they arose at all they were purely secondary. So secondary, in fact, that just the kiss was far more important. Sometimes sex doesn’t really even matter. There is much more beauty in the kiss (a real kiss) than you could ever find in sex, or sexual attraction.

So, that happened. And please, nobody ask me more about that. Its just one of those things that I don’t want to answer questions about because its too personal. Although no doubt I will tell you more when I’m ready. I guess you are expected to answer personal questions on a Blog sometimes, but you won’t get any more answers to that!

For the moment though


8 Responses

  1. What is this cack? With all the kissing going on here, I thought I stumbled into a Mills and Boon novel by mistake!

  2. What was the lady wearing while the kissing was commencing?
    (Well, you asked for a “fashion” question!)

  3. Nothing ‘regular’, Cat, I assume you!
    I just KNEW you’d try and get more info. on that though!
    That was just ‘special’, but as I said I don’t really want to elaborate on it at the moment.
    Can’t you just go back to asking me about your usual mundane questions, about ‘fashion’, etc. I find those a lot easier to answer!
    For now,

  4. It was just a simple ‘goodbye kiss’ that’s all Cat!
    Look, I don’t wish to discuss it. But haven’t you caused enough scandal here (and elsewhere) already?
    You’ve already upset the ‘statue’, but hopefully, I managed to get that sorted out.
    You really are getting me a bad name, you feline monstrosity! Its bad enough already, without you trying to add further ‘scandal’ to it!
    And don’t you DARE start on “Speedqueen” next. I’ve only just met her. So don’t want you to start stirring scandal with your muddy little paws there!
    Luckily, as she appears to be a ‘Lady of the Night’, you won’t find it so easy to influence her (well, I have fore-warned her).
    But ‘kissing the statue’ . . . that was really a bit ‘below the belt’! I mean, while I think it was quite funny, she apparently didn’t.
    So, can we just discuss the weather in future? Much safer!
    For now,

  5. My final word on the “kissing the statue” affair. Astute readers may confirm that my original inquiry (published here) was, “did you do more than kiss”.
    Nothing was said about if kissing actually occurred, who attempted the kissing, and if kissing was thwarted or not.
    And for the record, David has said HE never TRIED to kiss the Brighouse Blonde Bombshell. Which leaves the opposite, erm, possibility conveniently dangling I suppose.
    Also, for those who think I am John Baldry’s Cat, think what you will. And for those who think I am David Farrant, think what you will.
    There. I hope I helped clarify matters!

  6. Well, it sort of clarifies matters, in that I hope this ‘dumb blonde’ does not still think you’re me! (I say ‘blond’, obviously with the help of a little ‘Grecian 2000,000!!).
    As for ‘kissing her’ Cat – or attempting to kiss her – that simply didn’t happen!
    As for the ‘other one’, just forget that as well.
    I have said this before, but if you are not physically attracted to somebody; well, it makes it a bit difficult to even kiss them!
    For now, David,
    Now curl up back in your basket!

  7. well cat i for one never thought you were David just a dead tom!also once David has met me he wont be kissing any one else or even thinking of other women cos hes tried the rest but im the best! infact cat if you want i could bring you back to life with just one kiss but then again kissing a scrawny,sarcastic dead cat yuk!

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