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Well, its Sunday again! I know I said I’m now too busy to post every day (and I am to be honest), but I happen to have one ‘relatively free’ day today after nearly a week’s ‘location project’.

I explained all that yesterday (at least, as much as I’m going to at the moment) but its really nice to have nothing to do for a change.

Whenever I mention religion on a Sunday, it appears to make just a few people get ’ultra paranoid’ and start declaring that I am being ’anti-Christian’, or some such nonsense. I guess the real reason is that as I was once involved in Wicca (white witchcraft) and have written books and articles about this (not to mention given radio and TV interviews on the subject), I should just not be allowed to even mention Christianity! Even though when I have done so, I have always applied this in a general sense and not criticised any particular Church or religious denomination. I really have not. And I would defy anybody to point any place where I have done so. They would not be able to.

I HAVE ‘attacked’ what I have termed ‘man-made’ Christianity, sure; but this has not been any ‘attack’ on genuine Christianity itself – rather on some people who choose to misrepresent its true values. What values? Those principles laid down by the original founder of that Church itself, Christ Jesus, who stated quite clearly when asked by some scribe out to ‘trick him’, that the Commandants handed down to the Jews by Moses were of insignificance to the essential two He was about to declare: He said that far more important than any of these written Commandments was the need to first ‘Love God and thy Neighbour as Thyself’; and that “There are no other Commandments greater than these”.

In my various writings, I have absolutely agreed with this, and even pointed out that if people really kept to these two basic Commandments, there would be no need for any of the others. For example, if you REALLY loved God and your neighbour as thyself, how could you possibly kill or injure them? Or steal from them? Or bear false witness against them? Or lie about them? It simply couldn’t happen, could it?

Of course, it does happen, and happens all the time in this far from perfect world. But surely it only happens at all because people are mostly governed by human nature; which is often far-removed from that Divine Principle, or God.

I am not an angel, but personally, I have never professed to be. Neither do I expect people to abide by this high level of true Christianity sometimes. But people accept this in different degrees, and often many people do try to adhere to such basic Christian principles. Lets face it, there are some good Christians ‘out there’, who are very kind and decent people who are inspired by the laws of God and try to be faithful to these. They try and help others and have a genuine interest and try to genuinely help their fellow men (and women, I mustn’t forget to add, lest I be accused of being a ‘male chauvinist’!). No. There are indeed some very decent Christians ‘out there’, and I’m not trying to imply otherwise.

A very devout Christian gentleman is presently trying to help me (of all people!), and doing so simply because he is a decent Christian person, but he has not used a ’cloak of ’Christianity’ to either shun me or ’attack’ me). THAT to me represents true Christianity; without threats of ’you will go to hell’ or ’purgatory’ if you don’t ‘accept what I say’! Can you really imagine such a negative mentality?! In other words, a very non-Christian judging you on their own particular terms, and then personally ‘condemning your soul to Hell’?!

Well, that’s all I meant really, nothing more than that! I was only saying, that such an attitude as or when this occurred was only really accountable to that Divine Principle – or God – but it was nothing to do with myself.

I have said here before quite clearly, that that Divine Principle (God) never condemns anybody to hell. Only human beings are capable of making that judgement upon other human beings. In Reality, God has nothing to do with this. In that respect, ‘hell’ is only of human making. But in Reality, it has nothing to do with God.

For now,


14 Responses

  1. My God, that Yorkie bird has gone pure mental!
    She is all over the net, raving about Farrant, and now…cats!
    The poor “authorities” must chuckle and throw her reports in the dustbin.

  2. David,
    I couldn’t agree more about the different ‘levels’ of Christianity that [some] people aspire to. Wasn’t it Jesus, who, when about to be arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, rebuked his disciple Peter, for cutting off the ear of a Roman soldier? He castigated him for this act of violence, telling him that that was not what his ‘message’ was all about; it was meant to be a message of love, understanding and compassion.
    I do know lots of Christians (I was brought up as a Christian) who demonstrate the love of Christ in their daily lives, and others who profess to be Christians, but who ‘follow’ Peter’s example.
    Not good.

  3. I presume you’re referring to the You Tube film snippet, Cat.
    Well, I really don’t care who my comments are ‘sent to’, otherwise I would not have made them in the first place!
    It is rather sad though when people can be so trivial.
    Most people I know are already having a good laugh about that silly vampire film.
    I can only look forward to further entertainment from these silly vampire aficionados!
    For the moment,

  4. That’s all I was really saying, Columbine.
    Sometimes people can easily project their own bitterness and hatred onto others, when this might only exist within themselves.
    But negativity and blindness can do many strange things to people!
    For now,

  5. Crikey, Farrant…the Yorkie puddings had themselves quite a wild drama weekend.
    I saw great heaps of nonsense about you kissing or not kissing, false reports of your demise, and all manner of daft blathering about vampires and such.
    I have some Cat Advice for you; The female sex have given you nothing but headache thus far, and perhaps you should keep your trousers buttoned for a good, long while. I think you should take a holiday from women. Declare a moratorium for six months to a year. (This includes all women, including the Babsy statue.)
    You might try your hand at a hobby, like bird watching or growing an organic garden in Surbiton. Something relaxing. You can even wear a cheesecloth robe if you like!

  6. I know you’ve made some quite demanding comments, Cat. But THAT!!?
    Give up women! How can I?! Look, its 6.05 am . . . and I’m still thinkinking about them!
    Anyway, I’ll get back to you tomorrow on this maybe.
    In the meantime, guess I’d better try to snatch some sleep!
    For now,

  7. make your mind up cat little while ago your advice was get a real woman!being a real woman i would satisfy hes every David its up to you!

  8. Speedqueen, the poor fellow cannot even get a good nights sleep for all his troubles with women. You can see how they hound him like a pack of harpies from Hell. All well and good you should offer your, erm, services, but as we all know from past experience, after The Satisfying comes The Troubles, and the man simply cannot bear any more “female drama”. Miaow.

  9. You’ll get me an even worse reputation than I’ve already got, Speedqueen!
    But don’t let me stop you!
    For now,

  10. first let me answer you cat.unlike many of the previous women in Davids life id satisfy Davids needs for as long as he requires then like my name i speed of into the night and im rarely seen Speedqueen not drama
    now for you my dear David at the time of writing im in south london but say the word and i,ll be where ever you want me and start your therapy.i promise you wont be dissapointed and as i said to that interfering dead cat when you have had enough of my special therapy i,ll dissapear into the night xxxxxxx

  11. For Speedqueen,
    While I could never allow people to give their personal addresses on here, can I just ask Speedqueen which part of the country you are from? Or indeed, even if your’re from the UK at all?
    Well, it might be a start if you really want to give me some ‘therapy’!
    For now,
    (Just ignore that Cat, its got no upbringing – or didn’t have whenit was alive!).

  12. “That interfering dead cat”?
    All David’s women are set against me, and now you too? I may just curl up in my heavenly basket for a spell. It’s been donkeys since I had a good night’s sleep.

  13. ‘I have some Cat Advice for you; The female sex have given you nothing but headache thus far…’
    Not ALL of us, Cat! Don’t lump me in!

  14. That’s right, there’s only been one of them – well, one and a bit I suppose if you count the ‘glove puppet’!

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