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Holiday Break

I have been away for a couple of days. Sorry everyone, but it was not expected. I was just not here! That’s all! so did not have access to the computer.

Where did I go? Now, wouldn’t you all like to know!

I’ll bet! Well, I can tell you this much . . . I was in a hotel not that far away. Where? It was near Maidstone actually. What was it like? Very comfortable, with 2 meals a day; breakfast and dinner. Well, full breakfast was available but I couldn’t eat this and just had tea and toast. But full evening meal (with a choice) which I could manage after a fairly long day. After that, there was nothing really to do. But there was a comfortable bar which was better than just retiring to the room and watching colour TV.

So what was I doing? Just a holiday everyone – maybe a ’working holiday’, but still basically a holiday-break. Probably tell you all a bit more later; but at the moment it must just remain a ‘secret holiday’! Well, why not?! I am allowed some secrets, surely?! But the schedule of the last few days, has made me realise just how busy things can be sometimes.

In other words, what I am trying to say is, not sure I can keep posting here on a daily basis. I WILL keep posting, as it is my Blog! But ‘everyday posts’ may prove a little difficult at this moment in time. Certain books are reaching deadlines, among other things. And there are more . . . But please keep posting your questions here (or by private email). Your questions WILL all be answered – even difficult one’s from you Cat!

For the moment,


11 responses

  1. Evidently whilst you were on holiday, the balloon went up in Yorkshire. A certain flock of birds got themselves all in a flutter surmising Farrant’s sickness, injury and certain death. At one moment wishing a pox on the evil man and at another moment fretting why the police did not contact them to rush to his aid, etc. I must ask…what IS it that a man DOES to women to have this kind of effect on them? Or is the normal way women act with “psychic celebrities”? Miaow for now.

  2. Just not true, Cat.
    But more disturbing than that, I hear that some people were actually pleased by that thinking it was true!
    Very Christian, I must say!
    But that’s just an example of the false Christianity that I condemn.
    I have never condemed true Christianity anywhere. And nobody will ever to able to point to it because it simply isn’t there!
    For now,

  3. All he same, I wish people would quit referring to me as a “murdered cat ghost” and “that poxy cat”. I don’t see as to how I have anything to do with their troubles.

  4. I think any ‘effect’ is caused by simply telling the truth Cat.
    Some people just can’t handle that, you know!
    For now,

  5. Don’t worry about it Cat. Just put it down to stupidity and immaturity!
    My God, you must be really senile to confuse Maidstone with a prison when it was a film crew!! By their literature (kindly ‘provided’) you can’t get into that prison unless you’re serving less than 6 months!
    The senile mentality of these people never ceases to amaze me!
    Anyway Cat, that’s the sort of misrepresentations I have to deal with from them!
    For now,

    I know I don’t even know you, but if you are reading this, please make contact with me via. the email address on my main Website which is . . .
    You seem to have taken an independent view on all the sordid gossip you’ve seen; but thanks, anyway, I really have nothing to be ‘forgiven’ for!
    But I’d like to hear from you privately, so please do make contact if you are reading this.
    Thank you,
    David (Farrant)

  7. Hi David,
    You told me some time ago that you’d be away filming in Maidstone. There is a huge studio complex from where they record the ‘Trisha’ show. I know because I’ve been there as an invited audience member. The ‘Living’ chennel also films its programmes there. You were filming for them, as you said.
    How could anyone confuse Maidstone Studios and HMP Maidstone? From where did folks receive the news that you had been detained at Her Majesty’s convenience? I never read about it in the newspapers, and there were no TV news bulletins. I’d be interested to know from where this piece of (untrue) news came. Are the writers privy to news that nobody else knows of?

  8. Thanks Columbine,
    Yes, it is rather funny that my filming project could be confused like that. It was is the studio complex near Maidstone; but certainly not in the famous prison!
    I don’t really know how anybody could have got that idea; certainly somebody with less brains than a statue!
    It was not for UK Living this time, though, but for another film project.
    But I’ll tell you about that next time we speak.
    For now,

  9. Yeah, unless you’d been convicted of something (again, something we’d have read about in the papers) why would anyone think you’ve been to HMP Maidstone? it doesn’t make sense.

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