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Some good news for all of you following the Kev Chesham saga . . . Kev is finally back in UK after two long years in Saudi Arabia. – with a few surprises in store. He brought with him the almost finished manuscript of his forthcoming autobiography which chronicles his adventures in Highgate during the Highgate ‘vampire’ saga. 

It was nice to meet him in person again after his 2-year absence, the only contact having been restricted to emails and the odd phone call / Skype conversation.

Kev was looking extremely healthy and fit, and is looking forward to some  ‘sporting’ action in the UK, but is also going to take advantage of his stay in the UK to take care of some personal matters at the same time.  Then its back to the real heat again. Incidentally, I could add that Kev complimented me on how well I was looking; which was indeed a great compliment coming from him! He put it down to excellent nutrition, mindfulness and the love of a good woman (well I better not say any more about that here at the moment, although Kev does know all about that!).

A good friend of mine, Redmond McWilliams, founder of the Facebook Group ‘The Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society’ and all round Highgate Vampire expert was very keen to meet Kev, having heard of his imminent return to the UK some months back. As I knew the feeling was mutual it made sense for Kev to meet up with Redmond, Della and myself… plus another BPOS member … for a visit to Highgate’s famous cemeteries. Kev has been a ‘paid up’ member of the ‘Friends of Highgate Cemetery’ for many years, and always like to pay – literally – a visit when he is in the UK despite the fact that his membership grants him free admission.

Anyway, we all met up and many hours were spent in both cemeteries, catching up, and we all had a few very unexpected experiences … and got some very good photographs to substantiate these!

But I’m afraid you’ll all have to wait at the moment. Although Kev is back in the UK now for some months to come, and we will be seeing him again shortly, I think our cemetery experiences at Highgate, at least, can wait until the next blog.

But there’s a lot more news apart from that. We have now read Kev’s autobiographical manuscript, and indeed it kept Kev and Redmond involved in conversation for some time, regarding its possible progress. But as I said, more of that to follow.

Above is a picture of three of the ‘Famous Five’ on our excursion to the East Cemetery in Highgate. There are many more to follow, including those taken in the West Cemetery, but as I say, please just watch this space.

Adieu for now,



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