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Choosing Dinner

Just the other picture of Lauryn and myself in Highgate Wood last Thursday choosing dinner.

It was a lovely day which made it even more enjoyable  Anyway, I think she enjoyed herself anyway; even after seeing my untidy flat!
Thanks for sending Jamie. Well, for taking them as well.

For the moment


3 Responses

  1. Hello,David .i have never visited Highgate Cemetery,no but i would love to because it seems such an interesting place,full of a bit put out that everything is so organised ie-you cant just go in and go where you want and just wander round!But then i never did like people deciding what i do.i like to decide myself,and be alone with my thoughts,rather than some guide blahblahing away.How can you really tune into the place like that? i am sure i will go.when the weather warms up!But i am glad there is still the sense of peace that you talk about.i actually like graveyards,but dont tell many people that in case they think its loony.i cant say why i like them,i just do!

  2. Hi,David,i hope i have no more trouble posting too.T hat other website does seem a bit much,doesnt it?i dont think its kangaroo thats the problem. The real problem lies with-well,you know.The person who seems obsessed with the devil.i wouldnt mind but the hypocrisy is unbelievable-thats what i cant stand! i cant stand people going round putting others down,when they themselves are the worst offenders!But anyway, back to graveyards.There is a funny graveyard near where i live,in a place called MonksKirby.Its very small.Its like one of those private graveyards that used to go with a house.Its all the Denbeigh family and threre is even a mausoleum.ive been several times but can find no links with any old house or ruins.So there is just this peculiar little graveyard stuck in the middle of nowhere.someone said it was catholic but other than that cant find much.Cant wait to go to Highgate Cemetery,fortunately got a friend inLondon!And will pick a warm day.Do hope weather warms up soon. Yours,Clarmonde

  3. Thanks Clarmonde
    I did say I’d get back to you but didn’t mean to leave it quite so long. Your last post came through okay so lets hope there is no more technical trouble in that direction.
    Talking of ‘trouble’ (though I’m talking about the very human kind) its not been very pleasant on Arcadia just of late. The ‘bush kangerooo’ has been jumping all over the place while the other individual who believes in ‘cloven-footed demons’ (in reality the same person who sent you stuff about myself) is trying to pretend he’s someone other than he really is – as usual!
    But yes, if yo’re free one day in the Summer, I’d be happy to go to HC with you. The only drawback is I injured my back in 2002 so can’t walk fast or ‘jump about’ as I used to. But maybe we could arrange something. I don’t mean arrange it openly here though as that would be tempting fate! But you could always send me a post here headed ‘private’ and of course I wouldn’t publish it.
    But there’s plenty of time for that – the Summer is still young! (Thank God its finally arrived at least!).
    I will still answer you publicly on Arcadia though if you post anything – its just that its more peaceful here! Sure you know what I mean.
    Thanks for your post anyway, and hope you will post again.
    For the moment,

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