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You see I really wasn’t joking when I said a cold east wind was setting in. It has, and its turned much colder.

I’m not really a psychic but predicting the weather is one of the ‘tricks of the trade’ you learn in Wicca. I may no longer be actively involved in it, but there are just some things you learn and they just remain a part of your nature. And that’s one of them. (I won’t go on about these any more or that blasted Cat will start!).

Now one last mention of the work really. Won’t be any need to mention it again really as its due to be finished this week. One of the guys (nicknamed appropriately ‘Scottie’ as he comes from the land of the ‘midnight sun’) is laying some lino down on Thursday in the kitchen, the same day the whole place is being stair-carpeted. That will be good really because if ever I have cause to play host to some stranded young lady one night, I won’t have to insist she has to put her slippers on to go down to the shower or use the loo! Imagine, lovely soft carpet meeting your feet for a change – although I’d better avoid such descriptions or next thing you know is, I’ll be accused of being a ‘poofter’! (Well, that’s not really beyond the realms of possibility seeing as I’ve been called so many other things!).

K had a pleasant surprise when she last came over. I’m talking about the house and my flat, of course, but she was also well pleased at the way the books are progressing. She has suggested some old photographs for the book (the new autobiography), although I’m ‘drawing the line’ at one she suggested on a beach in Sussex just after swimming in a freezing sea. At first I thought she was joking but when she saw me laughing she said . . . ”No, I think people would really like to see you with short hair!” Well, I don’t mind that so much, it was more my ‘attire’!

On a more serious note (although she was being serious actually), I have been asked to give yet another talk on ‘vampires’ for Halloween. You think they’d make do with ‘ghosts’ at that time of the year, but ‘no’, they specifically wanted me to talk about the ‘vampire’ that reputedly haunted places in Highgate. I might do it as they seem nice people, but I really am getting so fed up with bloody vampires. How can you talk about something that doesn’t even exist!; though to be fair, they were referring mostly to the Media reports at the time. K says ‘Go for it”, so I haven’t really got any other choice, have I?!

I adore the girl, as many people may have gathered. And what makes her special is that she turned up to support me at such a frenetic time in my life. It was only a little over a year ago, and ironically what bought her into contact was other people who were publicly ‘attacking’ me. She knew instinctively such things were not true, although she only actually told me in person a little later. I think certain authorities got quite a surprise when she jumped right into the middle of the on-going ‘fray’ at the time. Her letters went everywhere, and indeed, she encouraged some of my own.

Anyway, the truth came out from beneath a blanket of lies, so that is all that really matters, and little else now. Life goes on regardless. There are some good people around and obviously some bad ones. The good one’s often strive to help others: the latter just seemingly grow old in their own evil.



4 Responses

  1. i’m the good.
    cats the bad
    and we all know who the fugly was.
    i know the pic the banshees talking about and it has got to go in for sure.
    C says its time for a web update so i’m going to have to go round his house which means we’ll be stopping by urs for a drink or 2!

  2. Hi Craig,
    Not even sure if you meant it, but that sounds very much like “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”! I didn’t really mean it exactly like that, but I take your point! (One of Clint Eastwood’s better films!).
    Give me a little notice if you intend coming over. You are welcome but things have been a little hetic here of late. You would all be welcome to come here (C included) but we can just see how it works out.
    Give me a call about it anyway,

  3. Dear David
    It is a shame that people want you to talk about vampires at Halloween. I’d much rather hear you talk about one of your other BPOS investigations , but that’s just me.
    Glad the work on your flat is nearing completion, they havn’t done anything awful like ripping out the old fireplaces have they? It’s sad to see old houses that have been stripped of their original features. I know of one old house where a lovely tiled fireplace was taken out to be replaced by a monstrous 10ft plasma TV!
    Regards Matt

  4. Hi Matt,
    Thanks, but I’m getting used to the Halloween/vampire routine. I always manage to get onto other cases anyway, but if I just get the ‘vampire thing’ in, then everybody is happy.
    I have kept the two lovely old Victorian fire-places – one in the lounge and one in the back room. They’ve made quite a good job of them really and painted them black metal paint, or should I say ‘cast-iron’ metal paint. Looking good anyway.
    I don’t have ” television problem” simply because I haven’t got one. Haven’t had for about two years, and even then I only switched it on to please the odd person.
    I’m glad I’m not a television addict actually. Imagine the positive work I can get done while most of the world is hyptonised by TV?!! That’s probably the reason so many people keep asking me how I work so fast!
    Thanks again Matt. I will tell everyone when I have my ‘house-warming’ party!

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