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Fairly Quiet Lately

Well, I’m sort of ‘stuck in’ at the moment as they’re laying stair carpet as I write, and no doubt they’ll need access to my landing and kitchen a little later.

So thought I’d do a short Blog even though there’s nothing really to say. Gareth will be here later and is doing a short introduction for my autobiography (if he hasn’t already done it). Spoke to K last night and she wants to come over one Friday to meet Gareth. Poor her! That’s all I can say. (I could also say it’s a good thing she doesn’t mind people smoking or drinking as she’ll have her full quota with us!).

Blog replies have been fairly quiet lately. Not surprising really, as its all been ‘happening’ elsewhere. Glad to see my ‘Old Friend’ Paul decided to come back Well, ‘glad’ at the moment as he appears to be behaving himself this time!

Letter from Satelline TV company this morning so have to contact them. I’ll leave it till tomorrow though as there’s too much noise around here at the moment. Bit of a mystery how they got my home address though. Can only think it was from the BBC as they’ve got this address on record back from 1970! We’ll see anyway.

Phone call from the students this morning as well. Just to say they’re pleased with the film really. I really wonder how I’m so popular sometimes! I wouldn’t say I’m ‘slightly unconventional’ though. I respect law and authority (when its just), though I might be a little more ‘self-independent’ than some people. Book is going very well. Well on the way to being finished. And the other one (yes ‘that’ one) is not far behind.

You know after these books are published, I really must have a short break. I mean just doing nothing. That reminds me, someone told me up the road this morning that he’d just bought one of my books. ‘Which one?’, I asked. ‘Dark Secrets”, he replied. Well, I hope he enjoys it as it is one of the ‘naughtier’ ones!I think I’ll finish this off now as all the ‘banging’ is getting a bit distracting.

Anyway, K will be pleased that I’ve written something!

For the moment everyone. David


4 Responses

  1. Hi David,
    Nice to see you doing so well for yourself.
    When will your new books be published? I’m sure you must have plenty of advanced orders already, seeing as how they are going to blow apart some people’s worlds!
    I see the most unholy machinations have appeared on the peroxide blog. Ahhh. How do you put up with that man!!!

  2. I guess its just a question of ‘putting up’ with some things that are just inevitable! As I have said elsewhere . . . I am the preverbial duck’s back, while he is just the water!
    Think that really explains that!
    Anyway, glad to see you back, really!

  3. Hello, David:
    Great website you have. It certainly appears that your hands are more than full at the moment and I would agree that you deserve a break (and possibly a vacation) after pouring your heart into so many books at once. It must be both creatively and mentally exhausting.
    Best Wishes,

  4. Thanks Adam and Hi.
    I do need some sort of a break from the work but its really my fault for attempting 2 books at the same time. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again – especially as they’re both long books. But the work has paid off as both are nearly finished now. (So are my eyes!).
    Great to see you here and keep posting!

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