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All Quiet On The Western Front

Well, its all quiet on the Western Front, although maybe not so quiet on the Southern one!

Still, it is amusing to hear all the salacious ravings as somebody told me on the phone today. You think people would tire of raving about absolutely nothing, but I guess this just betrays their state of mind! Oh, the latest now is that I have some ‘secret daughter’ (born out of wedlock, of course!) and that I have to ‘declare her’. Well, I’m just not obliged to say anything about my private life if I don’t want to. I have chosen to do that here, admittedly, but I have never involved other people, and I don’t intend to start doing so now. Not that there is anything to ‘admit’ when such statements amount to mere speculation.

So who really cares if somebody is trying to start that sort of rumour. Well, I don’t anyway. I just don’t understand why some people try to start such controversial rumours about myself sometimes though. Is my life so really important to them that they have to invent all this scandal? ‘Create’ might be a better word, actually, as hardly anything such people say about myself is true; mostly just figments of their own sordid imaginings.

Another common one is, that I must be a ‘Satanist’ just because I write about the occult and ghosts. There is hardly ever any mention of the fact that I write about ALL religious beliefs. And if I choose to write about the sordid beliefs and practices involved in Satanism, that does not make me a Satanist for God’s sake! Just where do such people get their warped idea’s from, I sometimes ask myself.

Anyway, I went for a walk today, and met ‘my’ girl up the road. She’s agreed to meet for a tea or coffee sometime, so I’m looking forward to that. It was drizzling so I was glad of a chance to speak to her ‘in the dry’.

What else? Well I got a call yesterday from somebody who told me that they’d seen colour posters of myself all over the West End advertising one of my forthcoming talks. I haven’t actually seen one yet, but they promised to send me a copy. My name seems to be getting around a bit, but this is mainly at the instigation of other people. Me? Well I’m basically just a private person, unless of course I might be giving a committed Talk, which is slightly different.

Whatever, I’m just having a quiet night tonight. Bottle of good wine with my feet up on the sofa. You can’t really beat that!



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