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Even ‘Wicked Witches’ Get Tired!

Bit of interesting news today. Got a communication from France to say that that French TV interview with myself on ‘vampires’ was televised last month.

No. I have not got a copy yet, so can’t really tell you how it tuned out. But it WAS televised, I can tell you that. At the moment, I can only go from memory about what was actually said. That is fairly clear, but I just can’t tell how this may have been jumbled up or portrayed out of its original context. Suppose we’ll have to just wait and see. My friend over there is sending me a DVD of it soon, so then I can tell you.

I have been working on one of the books tonight, so won’t make this too long. Actually, I started about 4 pm and have got another 3o pages (A5) done And I have managed to inset all the necessary pictures perfectly. Well, I guess ‘practice makes perfect’ – or something like that! Nothing new else than that really. Well, I say ‘nothing new’ but I learned today that that TV Station has an audience of millions, so I just look forward to any response! We shall see!

Goodnight K., I’m tired for a change. But I have sent you an email.

As for you lot, ‘goodnight’ as well. Even us ‘wicked witches’ get tired sometimes!

For the moment folks, David


6 Responses

  1. Hello, David:
    The program sounds interesting; one can only hope that nothing was taken out of context or altered. But unfortunately (from what I’ve seen), things can sometimes become ‘interesting’ when dealing with the media.
    Nice that the work on your home is almost completed as well. I bet you are thankful for that – I can’t imagine having such constant disruptions, especially when trying to work on book projects.
    Take Care,

  2. I have a question for your IT Manager Craig.
    What the hell is Peroxide’s blog doing with all the data they collect from google analytics? My browser nearly crashes with all the spyware activity they have connected to that blog.

  3. Hi Adam,
    I sure know all about being taken out of context!
    The French media are notorious for doing that – especially with subjects that are occult connected. One good thing I did get out of it though, is a DVD of a interview I gave for TF1 back in December 1985. I made it a condition for my interview last April that I get this. It looks OK (even had a half naked chick with me in it!) but it was dubbed so I’m not sure how it was interupted.
    Yes. Very peaceful now the work’s all but finished. I certainly notice the difference in being able to concentrate properly again.
    For the moment,

  4. I’ll leave that one for Craig, Cat, as I useless with these hi-tec things. I can get on it OK, but then you don’t have to join to reply.
    How come you’ve put a sensible comment up for a change?!!?

  5. shes running scripts mate.
    ever since she got hacked shes started adding loads of shit to her blog.
    probably trying google ads as well for a bit of cash on the side.
    i haven’t really had any probs viewing it or crashing out but i’m not checking out those 150 post entries!!

  6. God only knows what she’s up to. And quite frankly I don’t even care.
    I’ve answered what I’ve had to on there, and I guess that’s all that really matters.
    Speak soon. And don’t keep forgetting the ‘Laura thing’!
    You know what I mean!
    For the moment

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