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If I’ve been a bit quiet these last few days, its only because of the cold.

I mean, it went from being ‘cold’ to being bitterly freezing,  and its much warmer sitting over the fire than at the computer.  Even a few feet makes a difference in this weather, and on top of that there has not really been that much to say.  Don’t get me wrong; I have still had loads of things to do by day; some of which have meant going out in the bloody cold!  I suppose the good thing is, it won’t last much longer so around the beginning of next week, I’ll try and write more.

Most interest of late has been in the new book though, which you should now all know is completely finished.  Well, I still don’t want to give too much away, but I can tell you that the ut price has been set (all in) at about £15, it has 270 pages with 20 pages of b/w photographs inside. The cover is in black and white; not to save expense actually, but because we thought it looked more ‘nostalgic’.  The title is a secret at this stage, but I can tell you the title is illumed with the words “David Farrant”.  (Well, why not?  I’ve always been a little conceited, and I am the author after all!).

The next book is well on the way to being finished as well, and has a picture of its ‘star’ on the cover.  The title has not yet been finalised but I’ve had several suggestions.  Not sure I’ll take some of them, especially when you get suggestions like . . . “The Confessions of Judas Iscariot”!  It wouldn’t matter so much, but it’s the wrong sex!

So I have been still working, but just shying the cold.  Having that, the flat is a lot cosier now, and is being improved all the time.  The next step is to restore my worktop in the kitchen to its original position –  but that can wait till its warmer.  Got to put some new shelves up as well.  I didn’t realize that I had so much stuff.

Well, its back to the fire again everyone.  Maybe a glass of whiskey later.  I’ve got a good excuse with this cold weather!

For the moment,

David (Farrant)


6 Responses

  1. Miaow and hello again, David.
    Missed wishing you a happy new year, but I assume you had a good piss up at the pub and are now well stocked with gin and packets of fags to last through the cold spell.
    How are the mice in the kitchen? Still feeding them?
    And the Yorkshire assistant? She still serving the Bishop’s, erm, needs?
    Last but not least, do you have proper warm underwear for the season? Good, sturdy flannel…rather than the skimpy cheesecloth you favour?
    The Cat

  2. FOR CAT
    Might have known I would’nt get a peaceful New Year with you around!
    But . . . Just for your information, I don’t drink gin.
    The mice have ’emigrated’ since the kitchen’s been modernised, and the “Yorkshire assistant” is still ‘revelling’ in her evil ploys, according to my last information. In other words, that person has ‘made their own bed’ and has now just been left to sleep in it. Sweet dreams to them, that’s all I can really say!
    I’ll leave your ‘knickers arguement’ till another time, you unruly animal!
    But I believe Speedqueen still wants to have a personal word with you!
    Happy New Year to you too. At least it might be if Speedqueen doesn’t get hold of you first!
    Anyway, for the moment,

  3. hi david
    im real sorry i had to cancel our “date” the other nite but as my outfits are rather skimpy and i dont own any flannel underware ive not dared venture out in this freezing weather but hopefully it wont last much longer and i shall see you very soon.
    as for that scabby cats remarks it just goes to show what a dumb animal he is and as he has never taken me up on any of the opportunitys ive offered him to meet and make his sarcastic comments face to face its shows what a sad cat he is.a bit like someone you know who has a load of **** to say but from afar ……..
    well david im sure that we have much better things to talk about and i shall ring you later to night

  4. Hi Speedqueen,
    Yes, I’m sorry too, but it was a bit cold I suppose.
    Just ignore that “Cat”; he drives everybody mad at the best of times with his uncalled for innuendoes!
    Speak to you later. Let the phone ring as I may have to get in from next door and can’t always hear it properly sometimes. But I shall be expecting it!
    So speak later,
    Till then,

  5. Belated holiday wishes David! Looks like 2009 will be a busy and prosperous year for you.
    Stay warm and set aside an autographed copy of the book for me! 😀

  6. Thanks Flossie, nice to hear from you again.
    Must keep this fairly quick as I am expecting somebody at 9.
    Yes, of course I’ll keep you a copy of the book next month. I don’t usually like autographing my books . . . but as you’re a very special lady!
    Hope everything’s well with you,
    For the moment,

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