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Just Taking It Easy . . .

You know,  I don’t really feel like it, but I felt I should write another Blog tonight.

Why?  Because it’s the end of the year, of course!, and a time when I don’t want to be seen as missing out completely on all the celebrations.  Not that anybody will read this until tomorrow, with all the turmoil, but I wouldn’t have completely ‘missed out’.

Looking back in retrospect  (its not midnight yet!) I can honestly say, 2008 was quite a hectic year for myself.  So much work – but luckily, after all the hard work, it seems to have come to fruition.  Or will have done so soon in the early part of 2009.

Going back to 2007; well, that was really a year when treachery and deceit abounded; it was a year of betrayal from a close friend,  although that act only inevitably resulted in their own misery.  I suppose, you could call it Karma,  when what you reap inevitably comes back to you.  It is an independent Law which is out of all human hands, and so no human being can really be blamed for it – only a perpetrator who has put such a Law into operation.

Looking ahead to 2009, I foresee that to be quite a hectic year too (for myself anyway).  I still have to continue with a fair amount of writing, because that is not yet finished. Books and articles to complete, letters to be written, internal arrangements to be made . . . the list is endless!

But regarding tonight, I am just taking it easy.  A quiet night for me because I always ignore such celebrations.  I can enjoy a glass of wine just as much without going to some Club or pub and being subjected to ‘forced New Year’s drinks and/or being covered with paper streamers!  (Don’t mind the New Year’s kiss’s at midnight though – but even so, thought I’d give it all a miss!).

And so, that’s really my New Blog ‘message’.

Nevertheless, enjoy yourselves everyone!


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  1. hi mate.
    2009 should hopefully be a good year for all of us.
    i have a good feeling about ur book as from what i’ve read it really is good.
    hope u have a peaceful transition into 2009 and it all goes smoothly.
    i’ll technically speak to u next year! lol
    take care and happy new year mate

  2. Well, I might have guessed you’d turn up for the New Year. Dare I guess, but did you have a good time last night?!?
    Yes. The first book is finished but there’s still quite a lot of technical work to do with things like registration, etc. The book is not going on-line as that greatly diminishes the cash flow. (I mean, who wants to buy something if you can read it for free on line!). I’ve already had a load of advanced orders for it (and the other one) so that has to be a priority.
    Well Craig, have a good New Year as well. I won’t say ‘cheers’ because that will only encourage you!
    For the moment,

  3. hi David
    happy new year and if i have my way you will have a very pleasurable year,you will get your new year kiss when we meet next week and i shall do my best to raise the temperature ! so get plenty of rest as i have a belated christmas presant for you to unwrap ………..

  4. Hi Speedqueen,
    The kiss is fine . . . anytime!
    But what’s this present?! I’m a little suspicious! I mean, is it wrapped in Christmas paper or something else?! No doubt we shall see!
    Well, I see the New Year is here again. But I haven’t made any silly Resolutions. I just prefer to be my normal wicked self – if you believe some of my critics!
    So see you then, and speak before that,
    For now,

  5. Likewise David, all the best for the New Year, hope 2009 proves to be an especially good one for your literary projects, with all the hard work paying off. I will look forward to following your posts over 2009 and hope that the field of psychic investigations and exploration of the occult is illuminated even further by your work.
    Best Regards,

  6. For Rehan,
    Thanks Rehan. Yes Rehan, it probably will be a ‘funky’ New Year – not so much on the Internet maybe, but certainly in terms of new publications reserved mainly for ‘hard cover’ sales.
    Its taken a lot of work, but two of the books are now imminent and I already have qujite a few advance orders for them.
    Been restricted by the cold a little though. But that won’t last forever and it would be good to arrange another trip to Highgate in April or thereabouts. So, if you’re game?!?
    Know some other people want to go again as well.
    So Happy New Year to you as well. And thanks for staying in touch.
    For the moment,

  7. Hi Hesselius,
    Thank you for that and nice to know you are still around.
    I shall endeavour to keep going with all the investigations (some ‘boring’, some maybe not!) but after 30 odd years or so, it might be suddenly difficult to just change to another career!
    Still, I enjoy it with all its ‘up’s and down’s’ so glad some other people do!
    Please do post on the subject if you want. I’ve just been a little busy with forthcoming books at the moment, but now I seemed to have earned a slight respite!
    Hope 2009 brings you luck as well,
    For the moment,

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