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That’s Just Me And Computers

Sorry everyone, but I slightly messed up my “Enfield Coach” ghost article on Christmas Day; as I expect some of you would have noticed!

I took the article from one of the other computers and in the process, lost the menu on the right.  At least, I hadn’t lost it, it had just disappeared to the bottom of the page out of sight because that article had been done in a different formatting on one of the other one’s.  This is what happens sometimes, when you try to work from four different computers.  At least, it is what happens to me being no technical computer expert.  Its not really ‘incompetence ‘cause I did try.  That’s just me and computers!  Anyway its fixed now thanks to . . . well, never mind, its just been fixed!
I actually went out yesterday for a Christmas dinner – or should I say a ‘Boxing Day’ dinner.  I’m not going to say to where, because that’s really nobodies business!    Except maybe mine and theirs!

Anyway, the person piled up a great plate of food for me and said . . . “You’re eating all that, and no nonsense”.  And would you believe?  I did!  But it was really nice food and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Couldn’t hardly move for a bit afterwards though.  But I expect that was because I’m just not used to big meals.  Or being ‘pampered’!  Lovely time though and I don’t regret having a ‘proper day’ off.  (Well, everybody else seems to take days off over Christmas, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t enjoy just one of them!).Its so cold again.  But it won’t last forever.  Anyway, my new gas fire is lovely and warm, as Speedqueen can attest to.  The back room is much colder though, probably because its much bigger and there’s no gas there.

Well, that’s Christmas over.  Now we’ve just got the New Year.  And then onto 2009 and a load more work and fun!  Well, I mean, my motto has always been that you can mix work with pleasure;  in fact, if you can’t, there’s not much point in working!  Maybe I have a special point in saying that:  to be honest, I’ve witnessed so many people who dedicate themselves to ‘work’ at the expense – or with the sole motivation – of ‘down-grading’ others,  just to satisfy some particular obsession they might be pursuing.  I think that is quite tragic, really, when you happen to see it happening.  I just thank the good Lord that I am capable of laughing at such things.  Which really comes back to what I said . . . If you have to be dedicated to something – which probably involves material work – at least make it a pleasurable exercise, or just don’t bother to do it!

So then, there you have it!  A little Christmas adventure.  A lovely meal; a refreshing break,  and everything back to normal!
Anyway, enjoy the rest of the holiday folks – because its not yet over!

For the moment,


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  1. Hi David—glad to hear that all is tickertiboo and you ate your fill—-honestly myself, that doesnt take much, food is okay is someone else makes it for you but all thes stupid tv programmes—I know you dont or cant watch and neither do I, but there is an obsession with making stupid mullocks and muckment and swearing. What a world!!!! It makes you wonder how such people tick at all!
    No lurid headlines from up here, my biggest hoo haaa is the ridiculous reaction of a local NHS Trust to my true to life FICTIONAL book about true to life nursing on nights!!!!!
    I am not sure of my 2009 plans but good to hear you are warm and cosy in your” dingy bed sit” which I am sure is now–thanks to your perseverance— a state of the art cosy and comfy home—as for the ridiculous residences and creepy country seats of certain brandishing handbags sorts, I am sure you are the winner hands down
    tata barbara

  2. Thanks Barbara,
    You are right about that (other people cooking for you), but as a matter of fact, I’m quite a good cook – just too damn lasy! Well, I’ve had an excuse over the last 18 months or so with all the writing: I mean, I just couldn’t keep taking long regular breaks to prepare proper food. But for your information: I can cook French food, Spanish, Italian and Greek – but it all takes so long to do it properly. So I just make do with what’s available, and if I let it run too low, I just go out and get some more.
    As for the flat (well whole house actually) this was dragging on for over 8 years before it was finally resolved. And even then, it took a Court agreement before things really got moving. But I’m not complaining. I received adequate compensation which helped to pay for new carpets, fittings, etc. So now, I’m living a ‘life of luxury’; but there’s still loads of internal stuff to sort through.
    The cold weather doesn’t exactly encourage that; in fact, it makes me even more lazy!
    Anyway, I’m not complaining!
    So, hope everything’s OK with you. Just ignore the critics of your book like I always do! (Well actually, I only have just two entrenched ‘critics’, so that’s not hard to do!).
    You must call in when next in London. You’d get quite a surprise!
    But for the moment,

  3. Dear David
    Glad that you enjoyed your Boxing Day Dinner . I read the piece you wrote on Christmas Eve, which I thought was lovely! I would also say that I prefer Christmas Eve to the actual day. I’m fortunate to still have a coal fire in the front room, the one part of Christmas I do enjoy is sitting by the fire on Christmas Eve. Mind you the chimney leaks into the upstairs bedrooms. I look forward to your new books, and perhaps a new episode of DFTVX?
    Regards Matt

  4. Thanks Matt,
    Yes, I did enjoy my Boxing Day dinner – had almost forgotten what it was like to have a full plate of food. And it was all beautifully cooked, which made it even better!
    I know what you mean about real coal fires, but I’m afraid they’re a ‘dying breed’ now. They were a part of life in the 50’s and into the sixties (as you would know) and I found there was always something special about real flames. (Unlike the modern radiators whose heat is ‘trapped inside’ and which you can’t even see!).
    Glad you liked the article. I wrote that in 1999, I believe. I know its an old story, but I never publish ‘old accounts’ unless I’ve got new information to update them with. Actually, that took quite a bit of work, as I was visiting the sites of old locations, some of which wern’t even there any more. (If that makes sense!). Luckily, that was in the days before I hurt my back so walking was no problem then.
    Anyway, thanks Matt. I must try and do some more ghost accounts. I always enjoy doing those, especially if they are based on other peoples’ experiences.
    For the moment though,

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