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With A Bit Of Luck!

I have had 3 emails tonight, asking about ‘that’ Blog’.

Well. people, I know as much as you do! Its gone, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s what all that really matters! The person concerned has apparently ‘run off’ – notwithstanding that they started the whole silly thing in the first place! I really don’t care – in fact, am only pleased – that for the moment – hopefully! – the whole thing has been closed – with a bit of luck! You know, I was really getting rather sick of recent references to it. I mean, what had I done to deserve it?!? Just minding my own business as usual I suppose – until people remind me that just some people happened to be obsessed with myself! Guess, in a way, I should be quite flattered. I mean, its not every day you get ‘obsessed females’ claiming that you were their ‘lover’s – or as the case might be. (I don’t know, just never been able to understand female minds properly, I suppose!).

Anyway, apparently the sordid nonsense has gone now – in its entirity – or so I have been told. Anyway, so much for that!  That just gives me a break from having to reply to any of its (now gone) implications.

No news really as its a Sunday, and things are usually quiet. Except, of course from my usual comments about ‘religion;. But ‘K’ has told me to ‘cool it’ there; and obviously, I respect the beautiful girl’s feelings! Or rather her sentiments regarding that subject.

Its late once more. Maybe not for some of you folks who maybe asleep now and who might not get to read this until morning. But its still late (4.45 am now to be precise), so I guess I’d better try an get some sleep!

Will write a fuller Blog tomorrow,

But for the moment,


5 responses

  1. I came across a dumpling-composed Yuwie blog yesterday (I thought the famed yuwie blog was shut down?) and, I must say Craig, I think she is a lovely girl with potential other than Druidic rituals, you know, if she’d lose a bit of weight and dress more provocatively, and if perhaps an older Jeanne Moreau type of woman (BG?) could instruct her in the ancient arts of amour. Of course a girl “tarting herself up” for a husband would be perfectly Christian, should it occur after matrimonial vows, it’s true.

  2. Do you need glasses ? The person you are talking about has no xtra weight,and teach her yourself all about ancient amors, you old tom cat—-you need a visit to the vets to stop you going out on the tiles every night.

  3. FOR CAT;
    She would only betray any poor sod ever to trust her!
    Reminds me of the Old Testament story of Jezebel. Now, that’s not a bad name .come to think of it! . . .

  4. “if she’d lose a bit of weight”
    mate any skinnier and she’d be able to look through a keyhole with both eyes!
    “and dress more provocatively”
    …and that just made me throw up in my mouth a bit!
    anyway, you can polish a turd until it shines, but its still a turd.
    even if it has lord bishop dr etc at the front of it.

  5. I know exactly what you’re saying Craig, although I won’t go into it in any depth here. Except to say I really am a believer in ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Okay, that’s my personal opinion and it probably doesn’t apply to what you’re saying.
    But talking personally, what – if not the only thing – that attracts me to anybody (male or female, and shut up Cat, I don’t mean that) is ‘inner beauty’ if there’s any there. That means far more to me than anything else. But when people have ‘lost’ any ‘inner beauty’ they might have possessed and replaced it by uglyness instead, there is really nothing left to look at, or be attracted to, is there?
    That is the most important thing to me, anyway – not if anybody is ‘fat’ or ‘thin’ (or in your case, has a 38 inch bust as opposed to a 32″ one!). Or if they might have ugly or attractive physical feature; I always look for inner beauty first. Its a rare thing to find actually; and perhaps the loss of it – if indeed it was there in the first place – makes it even more noticeable.
    That’s what I always notice in people first, anyway. Forgive me, I am just a bit of a ‘perfectionist’ when percieving human nature.
    And ‘no’, Cat, I am NOT ‘Gay’, so don’t start going along that avenue!
    You’ll have to come over for a drink again Craig, now that the weather has finally turned warmer. Just give me a ring and let me know.
    For now,

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