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I Suppose I’d Better . . .

I suppose I’d better do another Blog as its been a week!

Sure some people won’t mind though – give them some peace! No excuses, but so much has been happening. Soon as I finish one thing, have to start another. Apart from which a friend of mine had a problem.

So what’s news. Well, I heard from ‘my’ Jane, and she had a good holiday. Meeting her very soon, but never mind when and where! Suffice it is to say that we are in contact again.

Now, you folks want some scandal? I know, I always seem to attract it! Well, at the risk of inviting exaggeration (from that blasted Cat, who else?!), I received a visit from an irrate girl who accused me of ‘two-timing’ her. I asked her in, but this only came out a little later. She said I’d been seen in a fairly elite restaurant in Muswell Hill ‘smooching’ with a girl at the dinner table. I had to think at first, as I really couldn’t remember, but when I quizzed her, it was apparent she was referring to an incident last week when I had bought somebody dinner. But I was never ‘smooching’ with her.

The closest I came to that was when she held my arm as we left; and she only did that because of my bad foot! But she wouldn’t have it! She said I was seen kissing her outside the restaurant, also that the person who told her wasn’t lying! Well, can you believe it?! I mean there’s kisses and kisses, surely. And this kiss wasn’t one of THOSE kisses! It was just a gentle kiss to show I appreciated her company, that’s all. I don’t think she believed me as she said she thought it might be better to end our relationship.

What bloody relationship?! I liked her as a friend, that’s all, but I had never made any commitments! She was nice to have a drink with and all the rest of it, but we weren’t exactly having some passionate love affair! I told her there was nothing in it. But she just wouldn’t believe me, and said I had completely broken her trust in me. For what? One silly kiss?! Good Lord, does that mean I cannot even take people out to dinner!? Its not that I do this regularly anyway. Precisely because of things like this happening!

But she left, convinced that I was having some affair with this ‘other woman’ when in reality, she was just a good friend that I had known for a long time. Its funny really. Women can get such strange ideas sometimes. Not that I mind that – except when I’m caught in the middle of them! Anyway, the dinner was good. She had a curry and I had my favourite ‘kleftico’. And of course, we had some good red wine. Probably why she held my arm and returned that kiss! So one friend less now, it would appear. Which makes the list a little shorter!

But apart from that bit of boring ‘scandal’, there is no other news now. Well, there is on the ‘writing front’ but that’s really too long to explain here at the moment. Lets just say I am fairly excited about two new projects: one of them will be publishing ex-cop Don Ecker’s Paper; and the other is a financial offer I’ve had from the US for releasing another version of the bonky story that was circulating, but which never ended up being actually published.

But apart from that, everything’s quiet! Better leave this now folks. Still got more work to do!

For the moment


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  1. Don’t you consider it rather, er, unusual, that such an old duffer as yourself is being chased after and fought over by women of all ages? That may be one reason Don Ecker is fascinated by you, he’s looking for the secret of eternal, erm, vigor. Maybe the pharmacists could name a ‘male enhancement’ pill after you; “Farrant-iagra”?
    Also I see that Hoggy is misbehaving again pestering you for something or other. Why not just give the narky little fellow what he wants?

  2. For Cat:
    I am sure you are reading too much into David’s professional relationships with young ladies. On one occasion, some time ago, when I visited him, I found him seated in an armchair in front of a computer, with a scantily clad secretary on his lap, typing to his dictation. When I looked a little askance at this, he remarked: “Obviously we both have to be able to see the screen.” Admittedly this is not conventional office practice.
    Gareth J. Medway

  3. – “On one occasion, some time ago, when I visited him, I found him seated in an armchair in front of a computer, with a scantily clad secretary on his lap”
    Well David has remarked that she used to take her top off in warm weather. I assume this was back in the days when he found her to be a lovely, supportive young woman.

  4. You’ve got to be comfortable when you’re working, Pussy Cat! And it was a hot evening!

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