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Now, What Else? . . .

I’ve been a little lazy over the past few days – but only on here though.

Enough work in other directions so maybe ‘lazy’ isn’t the right word. Me, lazy? No I don’t think so! I probably do more work than people who have ‘9 to 5’ jobs!

In fact, I’ve really got my work cut out for me at the moment. I’m working on the 2nd Volume of my autobiography and have to put the final touches to the other one with the chapter “Pact with the Devil” in it (Loads more new material regarding the latter book so might need a little revision – rather insertions). Then there is Don Ecker’s paper which I promised to publish. Also had contact from the US who are interested in purchasing the rights to that ‘defunct’ manuscript somebody just sent me. So its ‘all go’!

If all that’s not enough, Patsy wants to bring out a new revised edition of her book about the Highgate ‘vampire’ case – though that’s not so hard as its already been published. But regarding the current book “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” that’s going very well. Sold over 90 copies since its release on February 23. (By the way, Don, if you’re reading this. I haven’t forgotten your copy. I really will package it up tonight. But don’t worry, yours will be free!).

Now, what else? Well, books aside, I see Cat’s having a whale of a time on his new Blog. The mangy animal just had the cheek to say I was ‘possessed by the devil’! OK. To be fair, he said that somebody else had said it – but he still had to say it himself! I give up! If I’m not being accused of being a ‘sex maniac’ or a Satanist, he accuses me of wearing ‘cheeses-cloth knickers’!

Still no news from Jane; although she’s a bit far away for that. About 3,000 miles too far away! You know everyone, she’s really beautiful. In fact, I’m going to get a friend of mine to post up a photograph of her interviewing me, so then you can see for yourselves!

Nearer to home, more good news. The shop has managed to get my special brand of beer back which is good because its 10% volume (per can!). Well, it is a food as well, isn’t it?! On second thoughts, don’t answer that!

So anyway, I’m fine – apart from being ‘over-worked’ (in reality).

Phone call tonight. The person is calling back later (well sooner) so I’d better finish this off. But I’ll try and not be so long next time.

For the moment,

PS Barbara. Glad you had a good time at Ampleforth. Pity you missed her, I only wanted to send my regards!


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  1. Well I wasn’t going to go again in case that happened, but at the end of the day I had been going for years so didn’t see why I should stop cos of that,

  2. I wasn’t suggesting you shouldn’t have gone Barbara. After all, it was only for 2 days and you did deserve a well-deserved holiday after all that decorating work.
    As a matter of fact, I am taking a short 2 day break myself soon visiting the New Forest to try unearth evidence that there was (is?) a ‘coven of witches’ practicing there. I will be going with a small group of people, and to save money, we will all be camping on the beach as it is not far from the sea.
    Not long to go now and I am really looking forward to it. Ice creams on the beach. Hit the town in the evening for a couple of beers. Who knows, we might even get to see a strip show! Makes a change from just seeing pictures in books I suppose!
    Anyway, glad you enjoyed your short break,
    For the moment,

  3. Have a nice trip. While you’re in New Forest you might want to take the A31 to A338 south for about 20 miles, there is a lovely beach community there with many cliff side bungalows. You might consider camping on the nearby beach and singing loud songs around a bonfire….

    1. We have already thought about that Cat. Pitching the tents on the beach in the evening would appear to be the best solution, to avoid all the day-time tourists. Set up a barbecu then everyone would be ready for a good grill (plus some wine, of course!). The “Yorkshire pudding” has not been invited, so she wlll not be able to claim her ‘middle’ bits’ to the ‘prime meat’ offerings as she originally requeted!
      She will just have to make do with her home-made Yorkshire cooking reciipties from Yorkshire!

      1. Thanks for the call Rob. I’ve already received several other requests to give a ‘taster’ of my new book (the one with the “Pact Wih the Devil” chatper in it). Bit difficult really as us authors don’t like to give away unpublished work.
        However, I’ll see what I can do. Watch this space tomorrow.
        No need to brag just because you’ve got two bedrooms now! You can only sleep in one bed at a time, can’t you?!
        OK. No snide remarks about my own sleeping habits please!
        Thanks Rob,
        Speak later,

  4. Anyone following this, I decided it was more appropriate to leave my reply on The Net Curtains Forum inder the “Everything Vampire Book” thread, and is to the Overseer.
    He made more false accusations against myself as usual (re. my allegeded ‘relationships’ with the opposite sex) so I just decided to provide him with some actual proof about what the ‘Yorkshire Dumpling’ was really saying!
    Have fun everyone!

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