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Its Late

Its late. Really quite late.  But its still Friday . . . just!

That’s good, because it means I have got a day off until Sunday, and don’t need to post tomorrow. I have had a REALLY busy day today – hence the late post.  Rushing here, there, and everywhere you might say, trying to get a few things sorted out. I suppose a few people are still looking for some ‘scandal’ at my small birthday gathering. Well, there is none really.  Just a small group of people came over, that’s all!  We just relaxed and all really spoke about nothing – nothing significant I mean –  and a few ‘light-hearted’ kisses were exchanged (I say that only if one or two photographs might find their way here, or elsewhere, and some people might read otherwise into it!).

Well, I guess, having resigned myself to the ‘fact’ that I am supposedly ‘71’ now,  that alone tends to ‘cheer me up’ somewhat. But I still regret missing the last 10 years when I apparently can’t remember anything!  ‘Where have they gone’, I keep asking myself?  Where exactly have those last 10 or 12 years gone?  It still remains a bit of a mystery.  Maybe still just looking for somebody to help me with that.

As I said, all of a bit of a ‘mad rush’ today.  Actually contemplating getting some sleep – which is a bit unusual for me.  I guess I need it.   Sleep does help you to escape much of the worldly nonsense sometimes.  But then, it seems only a temporary escape as it comes back the next day! It really has been a busy day. But I still managed to get another section of the book finished.  THAT will really say it all, once it is published soon.

For the moment,


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  1. Hi David,
    The years do fly by, but not that quick you would notice them! Although at some points they do seem like a blur! It does not seem like long ago, I was celebrating my 21st birthday and now I’m 41.
    Anyway Happy birthday again and I’ll speak to you soon! By the way, Nick got your email that was intended for me. But he read it out to me over the phone!

  2. Sorry, I really don’t know how that happened. Probably because emails from the main site (incl. PM’s) go via the email there ([email protected], I think!) so they wouldn’t go via my personal one.
    I’ll give you that when you phone Wayne.
    Speak soon,

  3. hi david.
    silly question but whats all this stuff about being 71?
    is it an in joke or something as i dont get it.

  4. As a matter of fact, Craig, neither do I. Really.
    Some embittered female was putting it about on the Internet that I was really 71 (some 10 years older than I really am) and that I was too old to go out with (for her anyway!).
    The joke is really on her, but its a good example of ‘misinformation’ being deliberately started (or in this case ‘trying’ to be started).
    That’s all it was really.
    On another matter, have you got any spare women at work. They must all be pretty ‘high class’ working in a place like that!
    And not smutty comments, please!
    For the moment (hopefully a long moment!),

  5. “On another matter, have you got any spare women at work. They must all be pretty ‘high class’ working in a place like that!”
    HAHAHA i told u befor edavid that some of them read the blog from time to time since they saw u in the Metro newspaper.
    they are lovely girls but the ones in the legal dept are in a class of their own. especially xxxxx wouldn’t want to name her 😉

  6. Well, never mind about naming that particular one! In fact don’t!
    I was just asking only if a few of your gorgeous circle of ‘young ladies’ would care to make contact! I mean, of course, join the Blog!?
    It would make a change from your usual accusation that I only chose the ‘ugly one’s’, wouldn’t it?!
    for now,

  7. “It would make a change from your usual accusation that I only chose the ‘ugly one’s’, wouldn’t it?!”
    when i said “give her the sack” i only meant for her to wear!!!
    i should explain to anyone reading this that i work for a large IT company and not some sort of dodgy pimps nest!!
    david do u fancy meeting up for a drink at some point? a small crowd from work have mentioned wanting to know the truth about the vampire stuff.
    i told them about ur next talk and they are up for coming along to that a well.

  8. Coming to the Talk poses no problem; bring as many people as you want – the whole department if you want!
    Meeting for a drink? I’d prefer to leave that for the moment – at least ’till the weather gets warmer. As I told you, you are still welcome to come over here with a couple of friends if you want; but better keep that to emails.
    As to ‘ugly women’, I am fully aware of the difference between ‘sacking’ somebody, and the ‘hessian sacking’ you keep referring to!
    I would never ‘sack’ anyone just because of their looks. Their ability and faithfullness in the job would always come first.
    As to a person maybe being ‘ugly’, that would likewise not affect me in any potential relationship. ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, as it is said. Of course, beauty is important, but I am also referring to beauty of temperament and inner beauty (beauty of the soul).
    If that is not there – or maybe was there but somehow changes or ‘evaporates’ – then there is obviously nothing left to be attracted to.
    I hope this finally answers this persistent question.
    Email me if you want about the Talk.
    For now,

  9. i’m only having fun with you david.
    someones gotta do seeing as cats at the vet or something.
    i’ll email u my number and we can talk on the phone and we’ll sort something out. i’ll bring over a few mates if thats ok. one of thems actually met bish bosh bash a long time ago and so u might have a laugh at the story.

  10. oh indeed they are!
    i’ll see if i can bring laura along. her mums well into spirituality and so shes been around it from a young age plus shes well into vampires and ghosts.

  11. A few more details please:
    Is she single, married or dating? How old is she? Hair colour? Is she from the London area?
    Only asking out of passing curiousity!

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