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Winning . . .!

Fr. David Farrant will hear your confession.

I am not going to apologise again everyone for being late with my Blog (anyway if I did no one would believe me!). But I really have been so occupied with a vast number of other things.

To bring you all up to date, the second volume of “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” is now complete and will be available in bookshops very soon, or by mail order if you prefer (details to follow).

I have just heard from the American publishers again, and the Comic Book has been finished, and will be available in the Summer.

As many people will know by now my Internet Spine TV interview was released last April and comprises of a 9 minute interview with myself on Mysticism and things Esoteric (although not so much on the Highgate ‘vampire’ as I have since made it plain that I have already given my last word on this matter).

Three new talks already finalised to coincide with the release of the new book, but more of that (dates, details, directions) to follow.

Well enough of boring business. I saw Della again this weekend and we had a relaxing time together. We talked, did nothing, and walked. On one occasion we went for our normal stroll through the woods and into the town centre. We met a few interesting people who recognised me, and one old gentleman – who is really a down and out and sleeps on his ‘home bench’ – called us over and remarked (but only in a very friendly way) on what nice legs Della had got. He said it was a surprise to see such elegant beauty walking past him, because most of the people were ‘snobs’, ‘look down on him’, and would never offer him even so much as a penny (I have to interject here that had he seen Della only a few minutes before, he would have had quite a shock, as she had just given £5 notes to two other beggars).

It was a ‘fairly hot’ few days, but not complaining; the weather for May has been quite outstanding this year but still not quite warm enough for us to keep the bedroom window open at night. We kept the curtains open, however, and it was almost a Mystical experience to see a bright moon coming over from its voyage in the east and bathing the room eerily and reflecting from lighter surfaces, such as Della’s pale shoulders. But good things cannot last forever, of course, and an early rising sun would fill the room with light not needed and we would then have to draw the curtains.

The lighter evenings do put you in the mood for some more Continental food, such as salads and paella, and the odd glass of chilled wine whilst relaxing on the sofa.

And we did take advantage of the ‘spring cleaning’ as there were still many items in the cluttered flat to be sorted and put into proper files. There were many old letters we came across from the early 1980s – and before – but these have now all been saved and properly archived. Other things are imminent in the future, of course, as these always are. Many varied houseguests will be visiting or staying in the Summer; not least a couple of people from France who want to see the sights of London and, at the same time, are interested in those old events that occurred in Highgate so many years ago.

But at present Della and I are just taking it easy for a short spell, having had such a committed time during the past month or so.

Will obviously keep all my regular readers up to date. But let me tell you, a lot has been happening, and it is safe to say I am truly WINNING! …



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  1. Well it’s mighty good to see someone else take on the tiger blood and jaguar tear mantra of ‘winning’.
    You too can be a Vatican warlock assassin if you laugh in the face of bogus bishops and flip the bird in the eye of chicks who turn into spider vampires.
    Was she buried 6ft under or was the purple one buried under a 7gram rock?
    What a bitchin’ epic fairy tale.
    Charlie Sheen

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