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Still Getting Over That Party!

Well, Della is still here, and, what do you know? After a hectic weekend we went to a party last night – a fancy dress party no less!

There were  plenty of party snacks and some good vintage wine as well.   It was in Knightsbridge (friends of Della’s in fact, Rich and Carl, who were overjoyed that we could make it) and  you were expected to wear good costumes.  We did!  Della went as Britannia, dressed in a kind of split toga with a shield and a plumed headress; me? … well I couldn’t really think of anything special, except to wear a brand new somewhat psychadelic T shirt that I just received from America  that will be featured in my next film. Seriously, I kid thee not – the film is a remake of a comedy classic comic book that was most popular in the U.S.A. in 2007. The publication broke quite a few records, enough to give Hollywood the idea to turn it into a film.  Anyway, I felt greatly honoured to be requested to wear this for the party. We mingled with the other guests, and apparently my T shirt became a great talking point, with many who were wearing much more elaborate costumes. It seemed they were a great deal surprised that a man of my reputation would accompany such a beautiful lady as Della in her equisite finery, especially when his only apparent disguise from his well known appearance seemed to be his striking T shirt. But once our fellow guests were familiarised with its role in the forthcoming film peels of laughter broke forth, and the ice was truly broken! So much so in fact, that one or two ladies were obliged to have their tight corset stays loosened after going into paroxysms of giggles.

It was all very good fun, and Della enjoyed it immensely ; but then, she knew most of the clientele personally, whilst I, and the humble T shirt, were comparatively uknown – at the beginning of the night, at least!

Well, still just about getting over that party. But can’t wait until the next one at the end of the Summer. Its Rich’s birthday then and he made me promise to come back again, but this would be a ‘straightforward’ birthday gathering, with only intimees invited.

Anyway, apart from that not much has been happening, except, of course, my new book which is due out in a couple of weeks. So that has been keeping us busy as well.

For now, everyone



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