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Unlikely To Forget

Saw my granddaughter Lauryn today; my son Jamie brought her up to London by car.  It was a beautiful day so we just wandered over into Highgate Wood.

We sat at the café in the centre – well, its been converted now and more like a small restaurant.  The food is all good and wholesome; all home cooked and fresh.  Even the bread was the real stone-ground stuff, and it did make a change to relax in the sun eating healthy food. But it was not only that; the air smelled clean and noisy traffic noises had just melted into the distance – in fact, you couldn’t even hear any cars or buses.

She’s only eleven, but so full of energy, and she enjoyed playing in the Woods afterwards expending even more of it!  She’s a very pretty little girl and has inherited her father;s good looks – who, in turn, I have to say, has inherited mine! Jamie took a few photographs, but I can’t put any up at the moment.  I intended to with this but unfortunately, my picture re-size programme has made itself in accessible for some reason so you will just have to wait a day or so for those.  But it will be done.

But I think they enjoyed themselves anyway, apart from having to put up with my untidy flat! Well, I think I have already explained, that is one of the hazards of being a writer; papers all over the place, nothing filed properly, etc.

I’ll be seeing Jamie again soon, and hopefully he can bring Lauryn again.  And what I will work on is getting the pictures re-sized so you can see them  Shouldn’t take longer than a couple of days.

Well, that’s it really.  A relaxing day and one I’m unlikely to forget in a hurry!

For the moment,


4 Responses

  1. It is nice being a grandparent isnt it? My grandaughter is a great blessing to me, we have wonderful discussions. She calls me the Spanish equivalent of” grandma” which I didnt fancy–she was born in Spain. The nonsence on Arcadia has been removed but a certain person is still bleating that his erroneous “facts” about me— which he still seems to be determined to imagine, or wish to be and wont admit he has repeated a load of tosh which he has been spoon fed with like a baby.
    Next time I come down maybe your grand-daughter might be there also! I am sure my grandaughter would love a second visit. She thinks she saw the queen on the loo through a window a Buck House–kids! We are now doing a project about the War so lots of London in it, we are doing pea soupers and doodlebugs, plus Sir Winstons speech which I think I will take as my motto–
    we will fight on the beaches, we will fight on the streets, we will fight on the rooftops but we will never, never, be defeated!
    tata barbara

  2. Yes Babara,
    I think those are the key words . . . “Never be Defeated”!
    After all, how can anyone really be defeated by lies or deceit?however ‘religious’ it may be disguised as! No. That can never happen. Although there may be a couple of people around who may vainly hope that might happen! But it never will.

  3. HI DAVID ,Decided to write to you on your blog as suggested.Read your latest .comments.There really is no one like family,is there when you get down?Last 2 weeks have been difficult for me!i never knew there were so many bastards on that website.There is so much i want totalk about.i really would love to see highgate cemetery.It sounds so beautiful and gothic,and id love to go there as it sounds so peaceful.Is there really loads of police around there now,as someone once told me,or is it still the same atmosphere of mystery about it,as there always was? Yours,Clarmonde

  4. Thanks Claremonde,
    I’m really pleased you posted here; at least we can talk in peace! Unfortunately you are right about the other Forum, but its only two people there who seem to be trying to disrupt it for everyone else. Most of the others are genuine, although they may have different views and opinions. But that’s not a problem.
    Regarding Highgate Cemetery, it is not guarded by police anymore as such; well, not at all as far as I know. But it has been taken over by The Friends of Highgate Cemetery, who seem to do just as good a job! In fact they have done a really good job there of up-keeping the place but you are only allowed into the Old Cemetery now on their guided Tours. They run these quite frequently during the summer (maybe 4 or 5 a day) but you are only led to selected areas and have to stay with the guides. But apart from that, the general atmosphere has not really changed and, yes, it is very peaceful in there. Its sort of like going back in time; or rather, there is no sense of time, if that makes sense.
    I went on two Tours there; one in 2005 and another a year later. I was a little worried at first as it was the first time I had been back since since 1973 and I thought I might be recognised. I don’t think I was; but in any event, I have never been banned from there. (At least not to my knowledge!)
    I’m sure I remember you said you had visited HC before? Let me know if you decide to go again as I could always meet you for one of the Tours. Now the dreaded winter has gone, I feel a bit more energetic.
    Thank you again for posting here. Its nice to be able to talk ‘normally’
    with someone without being ‘harangued’ by the comments of a couple of idiots!
    I know you know who I mean.
    So please stay now you’re here. And thanks again for your post.
    For the moment

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