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Too Cold For A Beer!

Well, we are in for a cold couple of days apparently, which does not exactly help writing!

Its no fun having to put fires on full, and even then getting ‘cold fingers’ over a keyboard. I suppose it has its consolations; good excuse to have a whiskey to keep warm – too cold for beer really! Though sometimes I don’t need excuses! No. I’m not an alcoholic as some other people might otherwise have you believe. Just like to enjoy the small pleasures life has to offer; indeed, I have always believed in living life to the full!

I shall still be doing a little more work tonight though. In fact, not much left on one of the books to do.

Everything seems to be happening so quickly. I was dreading Christmas and the New Year, now suddenly, all the celebrations are over. If it wasn’t for the cold now, I’d be perfectly happy!
What else? Well, we had a great response to my ’secretary request’. Unfortunately no new secretary yet, but a lot of people have emailed wanting to get involved.

By the way Eric, if you are reading this, as I gather you have been doing, thank you very much for your email. Yes very interested. Unfortunately, we tried to email back, but the email kept ’bouncing back’! I’m sure this is just due to some simple error, but could you email again just to confirm your precise address. Thanks. And thanks also for your offer to help. As you point out, expert experience is always beneficial when dealing with a pretty vast subject. (That’s really putting it mildly!).

As I said yesterday, this coming year is certainly going to be different! Please copy this down so you can refer to it, in case anybody doesn’t believe me!

I had to go out today (didn’t want to) and was surprised by all the ‘Christmas rubbish’ lining the road. Cardboard wrappings from presents, and Xmas paper all over the place. Certainly proves that people honour each other at Christmas.

I still couldn’t help thinking, though, why not all the year round!?

For today though,


3 Responses

  1. Where is this alleged “help wanted” advert?
    I’d like to read it to ensure you’ll screen out the psychotic birds this time!

  2. I received a phone call about it from a friend who said he’d seen it on the Internet, Cat. It was apparently a request from me saying that I was looking for a new BPOS secretary, “salary negotiable” and it gave my main Wedsite email for reply (hence the response). I asked him where it was and he said on ‘some Robin Hood’ forum. I asked his to re-find it and save it for me (he actually thought it might be genuine) and he said he would (if its still there of course).
    It was obviously a prank by one of three people. But it ‘back-fired’ really as several people wanted to get involved, so he (or she) just got us more members!
    Do these people never give up!??
    For now,

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