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Not Just Another Year

I was almost tempted not to write anything here today. Time means little or nothing to me as many people know, but then I thought maybe I should write something just to start off the human year.

I was also reluctant because I had nothing to write about; well, I never do in fact until I actually start posting – like now. Let me explain that: I never pre-plan what I am going to say, but just write as I go along. Admittedly some things come to thought as I am writing, and I may dismiss these as ‘too private’ or personal to make public, but, other than that, I hardly give any thought to what I am going to say.

So what to say now? Having said that! Well, the coming year certainly does look promising; in fact, maybe not ‘just another year’. Things WILL be happening, just take my word for it! You know about the books and other comic, so I won’t bore you all again now with that. You also know that something BIG will start on April 1st, but I’m not allowed to say anything else about that. (Think of it, I actually got edited on my own Blog before. I could have deleted it, but it was more than I dared do! I know she means well, bless her!).

But those things are only in the near future, and other projects have already been put into motion for later in the year.

I am sorry to disappoint any of my ‘fans’ here who may have otherwise wished to see me in jail, but you’ll just have to harbour your ‘three wishes’ and nurture them instead as ‘unfulfilled dreams’ which you could somehow just never make happen!. No. I am around to stay, I’m afraid. And the projects will go ahead as a majority of other people want them to happen. Anyway, I’d better ‘shut up’ now about the coming year, or I’m likely to get another ‘annoyed’ phone call! (She doesn’t mind me talking about the books, as you may have gathered, but ‘trade secrets’, I am supposed to stay away from!).

What else is news? I mean stuff I can talk about.

Well, I hear on the grape-vine that yet another journalist is writing a book about me. The usual sensational stuff from years back, I gather. If you must! But please get your facts right: I never believed in ‘vampires’ either then or now. I just don’t know why some people have such a hard job accepting this. Yet it seems that the only ones that do are either a tiny minority who want to believe in them, or a much larger majority who stand to profit by the sensationalism the subject seems to attract!

Well, don’t mind me folks! I’m just somebody who says that the whole thing is nonsense. So just ignore this anyway, as you probably will anyway!

Anyway, for somebody who wasn’t going to write anything at all today, I think I have gone on long enough! So let me just wish everyone a good New Year, and I’ll see you soon.

For the moment though,


4 Responses

  1. hi David
    when u said u don’t pre-plan what ur going to say, does that include talks?
    i’m not saying u sounded scripted but there wasn’t any wasted talking time. if anything its like u didnt have enough time to say everything u wanted or answer all the questions.
    i should know cos i didnt get to ask all my questions! lol

  2. Yes Craig, That certainly does include talks as well. All I want is the subject, and I always refuse to work from a script.
    My God! I have enough to answer as it is, without having numerous comments or questions scripted on paper!
    For now,

  3. I see some thoughtful person has put out a New Year ad. Now advertising a new secretary for myself.
    To save more unnecessary response, I should state that while this position is still available, it is an unpaid one which the ad. apparently did not make clear.
    But anybody still genuinely interested in BPOS work and activities, please continue to contact the Webmaster at . . . [email protected] giving full details of interests in the field.
    Thank you,
    David Farrant, President, British Psychic and Occult Society (BPOS)

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