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Had to go into the Broadway today to pay an overdue bill. Was going to the bank anyway to get some money for some more cigarettes, so wasn’t really put out.

That letter did annoy me though; mainly the red letters in capitals giving a time limit – or else! It was only the electricity, for God’s sake!, a multi million pound company, not as if I owed money to some poor shopkeeper! I’m always very careful never to owe any money (except sometimes by accident with oversights like that); indeed, its quite the opposite, people owe me money all over the place (much of it for books, and some interviews) but I never get stressed out about.

I took a ‘long-cut’ through the woods on the way back as it was such a lovely day, and left all the bustle and greedy ’money sharks’ outside So quiet in there on weekdays; at least compared to the people rushing about outside in this frenetic world. A time limit to pay in, indeed! Sorry to go on about that but I just hate being given material ultimatums! You know I often wonder why it is that so many people are trapped in time. Wherever you look, people seem to be so governed by the clock, which extends from seconds and minutes to days and weeks, months and years, and so on unto eternity. Some people seem to live their whole lives governed by material time in some way, whether at home, at work, or anyplace they happen to be.

Of course, material time is essential in many respects for it provides security and without it Society – the world – would be in chaos. I think that is fairly obvious and needs no further explanation.
Except that is not really what I meant. It is obvious there is movement in this world (from getting to work, to the movement of the earth around the sun to the cycles of the planets); that this movement is ‘timed’ or measured, and the result is this thing we term ‘time’.

But you know, I wonder how many of us have ever asked ourselves whether this thing we term ‘time’, even really exists? (outside of the respect I have just mentioned). Could it be that in reality, there is no time at all? Could it maybe just be that everything that takes place (has ever taken place or is yet to take place) does so in an immediate – yet eternal – present? That nothing exists outside of this ‘eternal present’, which includes all life and death and all its cycles?

I wonder if this is really so difficult or hard to see?

As a matter of fact, it might be so defiantly simple, that this fact alone prevents its obvious recognition. What do I mean? Well, you know, you can easily test this for yourselves: try and see if you can live just one second or hour ago, or if you can live one second or hour on into the future. You will find out that this can never be done. You can only live NOW. Of course, you can move through this moment (which is measured as past and future) but in reality, you can never live outside this moment.

That is all I mean. There is only the present. The recognition of this would really help to set so many people free from the limitations of material time.


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  1. Dear David
    If the boot is on the other foot and the electricity company owes you money, e.g. when they overestimate your bill, try getting the money out of them! It took me nearly a year to get it sorted out, the swines! I’ve grown to loathe banks,supermarkets, in fact most large companies. I’d rather go out of my way and buy food and other essentials from a local shopkeeper.
    Regards Matt

  2. hi David.
    sounds like you’ve been smoking some mental weed and listening to too much pink floyd!!
    its a shame there arent more months in a year. that way we’d never grow old!

  3. what do u think happens when we die?
    i know we’ve all got our own beliefs and ideas but im curious what u think.

  4. What a loaded question, yet perhaps a vital one. I realise that its a genuine question so I’ll answer it in tomorrow’s post. Well, you did ask!
    To put it simply Craig, nobody actually dies; only the physical body is seen to ‘die’. The body would already be ‘dead’ if it didn’t have consciousneess to sustain it. That consciousness originally brought the physical body into existence. That consciousness can never die because it is sustained by Divine Principle.

  5. so what happens to the consciouness. do u think it forms to join one huge universal brain or do you think it explains reincarnation and past life experiences?

  6. Craig,
    If you are asking “does consciousness go back to God” (that’s how I interpret what you’re saying), in a word ‘yes’. I cannot tell you in what exact form, but as consciousness originated from God (Divine Love or Intelligence) in the first place, it must obviously return to its source. Look, consciousness (I am talking about true consciousness, not its common ‘human manifestation’) is Infinite; no God or Consciousness, and you could have no life.
    In reality, there IS only Infinite consciousness. But there also exists a misinterpretation of this Divine Consciousness which is only a conception in the human mind, and that is where ‘pictures’ of the ‘devil’ and ‘hell’ start coming in.
    Accordingly, there exists only one hell, and it exists right now on this very earth. Likewise, conceptions of the ‘devil’ have no existence outside of the human mind. These are products of material – or human – consciousness which generally have no idea about their true origin.
    You cannot measure true consciousness with the five or more human senses. If you do (as many people try to do) all you are left with is an erroneous concept of That which really lies beyond them.
    THAT which gave us all life.

  7. Nicely put David. I quite enjoy watching the madness of the material world all around me, but I refuse where possible to be drawn into it.

  8. back to work on monday. Wish I could escape the prison of time. Read your dowdsman article and was interested to note that the entitity you describe is uncannily similar to sightings of ‘bigfoot’ ie the gorilla-shaped head or was it a tea-cosy you saw ? You been out birdwatching today yet ?

  9. hello David,
    I like your explanations and meditations on the nature of the spiritual principle and Divine Mind, David: your mystical philosophy seems to have something in common with classical Platonist and Vedantic concepts. But then the 18th century esotericist Louis Claude de St Martin put it in a nutshell when he said that ‘all mystics come from the same country and speak the same language’, a sentiment I’m sure you concur with!
    I should also say thanks here to Gareth for his Kabbalistic classification and distinction between the Spirit, Soul and Body and how this idea of the lower soul lingering around in the post-mortem state gives rise to reports of ghosts and hauntings; his views on this were spot-on I thought.
    All the Best,

  10. Hi again Hesselius,
    Thankyou for your post. I must say we seem to have a great deal in common about these matters; not that all people do, but I really feel you have some insight into the whole subject.
    I am still going to answer in more detail the pressing question of life after death; or more precisely ‘Death after Life’. I still feel this needs much more explanation as a main post, and I really do intend to get back to it.
    I saw Gareth this evening, and I passed on your kind remarks to him. He didn’t have time tonight, as he just turned up after somebody’s birthday party, and he was a bit exhausted!
    Thanks again Hesselius. And please do keep posting.
    All for now though,

  11. Hi again Le Comte,
    I’m sorry to disappoint you, but what we witnessed was nothing like ‘Bigfoot’! Now, please don’t you start stirring opinions in that direction, when it was only a common and garden ghost – albeit a quite terrifying one (we really didn’t get a chance to notice if it was wearing anything on its ‘head’ like a tea-pot cosy! But you never can tell)
    Well, please don’t work too hard next week, and still please phone me over the weekend like you said you would.
    For now,

  12. Dear David
    You raised the question:
    Could it be that in reality, there is no time at all?
    It is impossible for humans to imagine a world that is not ordered in time and space. I think Kant described time as a necessary mode of experience, time and space are mental constructs that are hardwired into human minds, Kant believed that time does not exist independently of us. If you subscribe to the big bang theory, then it can be argued that time did not exist before the big bang, the laws of physics as we understand them did not exist before the big bang.
    Regards Matt

  13. For Matt
    Yes, Matt. What you say about time is basically what I meant.
    People (we all) live and move in a sphere that is really timeless. We measure that movement by things called clocks, and call the measurement of such movement ‘time’.
    This ‘time’ we then divide past, present and future which becomes supremely important.
    Further than this, most people ‘live’ their lives (only by thought processes obviously) in the past or in the future. Seldom do people live their life in the actually present.
    Thanks for that Matt.

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