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Some Secrets

Well, its midweek again already and a little rain today.

I don’t mind that but the problem is a few leaves have started falling so have to be a little careful when I’m walking. But anyway its still warm and everything smells ‘fresher’. There were two pigeons chasing themselves on the street; rather the male was chasing the female all ‘puffed up’, but she looked like she was enjoying it! I didn’t want to embarrass them by looking (animals really can tell you if you are aware of them you know) so I just walked on.

Call from another journalist yesterday about a potential Halloween story. She had a lovely voice. No, I’m not being flippant, she really did!

Spoke to my friend Rob yesterday and he wants to do another book. For people familiar with the Highgate scenario, he was the author who published “Return of the Vampire Hunter” back in 2002 – a privileged interview with myself, no less!

Back at the Ranch, still loads of paperwork to do. Got a bit more done, and I’m not even talking about the books.

Then another call from Spain from a Spanish TV journalist who said she’s be in London next month for a week Could she meet me again? I said ‘yes’ but I honestly can’t remember meeting her before, although she insisted we had met. Maybe it was at some talk I gave or something, but she had the phone number and address so I must have met her. Problem is, when you meet so many people week in and week out, it really sometimes difficult to put faces to names. Sure I’ll recognise her again when I meet her though. She’s doing a series on the ‘London vamp scene’. I really thought this craze had all mostly passed; but the rest of Europe sometimes takes time (at least the media in that respect) to ‘catch up with the UK

Apart from that, its been fairly quiet.

Well, I did see her again, but that is really too precious to discuss here to discuss here in depth. I have to keep some things secret after all!


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  1. Miaow. The cat psychologist is in. I will analyse your post. I believe The Pigeon Story is symbolic, a reflection of some events in your own life, I shouldn’t wonder. Pursuit of women and desire to keep it private. Or something.

  2. Your getting too damn clever for your own good, Cat!
    Actually, it did happen. Symbolic? Maybe, never really thought about it.
    It is true that I did used to keep birds (feathered one’s) when I was much younger, including pigeons. So make of that what you will!

  3. pigeon pie? lol
    can you give an details about the halloween story or the vampire thing?
    a vamp scene??
    there’s this vampire film called Blade where the main charcter called Blade kills a load of vampires ata club.
    I don’t suppose uv seen it.
    I saw u on the extra features on the dvd for a film called Underworld which was about vampires and werewolfs.

  4. Yes, I hadn’t thought of the connection to dove tarts. Now if he had seen a male pigeon chasing a female pigeon that would have another meaning altogether… says I.

  5. Hi again Craig,
    I’m really not trying to be evasive but I don’t know many more details myself at this stage.
    Its obviously for Spanish TV and she told me they were doing a programme on the vampire scene in London and also wanted to speak to myself about this as they’d seen my interview in “Mas Alla”, a large glossy Spanish film mag and the supernatural, last year. I presume it will be dubbed into Spanish.
    They are staying for about a week (in a hotel I presume) and that’s when she wants to see me.
    Yes. I have a copy of the UK version of “Fang vs Fiction” and I was also sent a copy of the Americian one prior to this.
    Hey! Less of this about ‘pigeon pie’ please! I used to breed pigeons.
    for now,

  6. No, Craig. I didn’t used to race them; I was only 8 or 9 at the time!
    In fact, it started with a sick female I adopted who lived freely on top of a large cupboard in the kitchen. Then she started laying fertile eggs and before you knew it, I had families of them.
    My father wasn’t too pleased, and had a large coup for them built in the garden.
    I had one or two ‘favourites’, but I always made most fuss of the original little female.
    Don’t know how we got onto pigeons – probably my fault!

  7. David,
    Cheers for letting the cat out of the bag about my new book, mate. Now I’ve got to make sure I write the bloody thing. On the subject of books, what exactly are you working on at the moment. I’ve lost track. And will the compendium volume contain all the original articles ? As regards our feathered friends, you’ve allways been into birds as far as I’m aware, especially those dolly-birds. Is your Asian lady the same one you went on about when I stayed at your’s a couple of years back ? She was a bit tasty, if I remember correctly.

  8. I see your culinary taste includes Yorkshire puddings as well as Asian sweetrolls, it is good to have an international diet.

  9. Sorry Milano,
    Well, if as we suggested we just do it as a recorded interview to bring things right up to date, it shouldn’t be very difficult. You know me, I never have to rehearse things like that, just rely on the truth!
    You’ll have to transcribe it all, so you’ve got the worst job. You shouldn’t have suggested it!
    All the booklets you have from 1-9 are going into one book. There will be some new photo’s re. Highgate and, other updates and a new chapter at the end which will probably be called “Pact with the Devil”. That could be ready very quickly as most of the booklets have already been written and are on Amazon. The complete thing will have to be bound then that will go on Amazon.
    When you were here before (2002) I really don’t remember which women I discussed. If its the girl you met, no, she is not the same as the ‘girl with no name’. This is recent.
    No more questions on that please! I will give any information here only when I’m ready.
    So long for now, esteemed Count!

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