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The Front Page Again – And I Didn’t Even Ask For It!

Well, I must be breaking some sort of record, as I’m being more regular with my writing on here recently.

As I explained, really a lot has been happening and sometimes Della and myself find it a little difficult to keep up with everything. Really a lot has been happening lately, and another front page article in a large local newspaper on recent updates – sightings etc – on the good old Highgate ‘vampire’ ! It seems ‘he’ is still around and very, very active. Anyway, I’m publishing the newspaper report here so you can all make up your own minds.


Also, due to quite a few independent enquiries from readers of the new website, we have decided to post up some more vintage newspaper reports from a couple of decades ago – if not more than that! Please bear with us as these do take a little time to scan for the content. For example, many have been taken from A3 pages for purposes of my scanner which only does A4. So sometimes, it is really not that easy!

But anyway, let us start with this old classic from the Evening News dating back to 16th of October 1970.  They were doing a write-up on a BBC Television program about my acquittal in the infamous Highgate vampire case, televised just a day before.

It is really self-explanatory;  but as I said, these old reports do take a little time to get into proper sequence, layout etc.
Hope you enjoy them, as they begin to appear on the new website. But thought you would also like to see one here on this Blog.
Well, I thought that give you all something interesting to read for a change, instead of having to listen to me ‘waffle on’ about my daily diary of events (Well you can hardly call a 42 year old newspaper report  ‘daily’, can you?!

Things have quietened down a little in my ‘diary mode’, although have a very busy scedule ahead for the next week.
But please do keep watching, as I will keep posting!

For the moment,


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