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The French Connection – A Little More

Jean-Paul Bourre, Sophie S. and David Farrant circa 1981 © Della Farrant
Jean-Paul Bourre, Sophie S. and David Farrant circa 1981 © Della Farrant

I’ve had quite a few enquiries about the new book – that is Vol 2 of my new Autobiography.

I did put a reply up to Barbara, but in case any of you missed it, I am still writing the next one! So its not available yet.  I’ll  let you all know well in advance here when the release date will be; but I’m not quite half way through it yet!

I did put up a picture of Jean-Paul, Sophie and myself yesterday to accompany the new book extract, but its not really the one I wanted.  Only just come across that today (while looking for something else – typical!) so I’m posting that up now.  It was taken in my flat in 1981 when they both came to visit.  And please note, good people, it is MY copyright!

So really this is just a ‘half Blog’ as I didn’t have the picture yesterday. I did some more on the new book today (and still some more to do tonight).  My God!  It is funny when you have to look back on things sometimes:  I’ve reached a part where there was a story in the Press alleging – rather saying – that I was  supposed to have ‘killed’ somebody in a ‘duel’ in Northern France in 1978. Problem is, the guy was still walking around ‘large as life’!  Makes you wonder just far how some people will go to get self-publicity!  But that will all come out ‘in the wash’, as they say.  Problem is there’s so much more dirty linen in there!

Anyway, I’ve given you an advance extract of the Parisean Congress, so you’ve got that to go on with.

Me? Short break for an hour or so then back to more writing!

For the moment
David (Farrant)


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  1. Hi David,it was really nice to spend time with you and Gareth last night.Gareth as always was very attentive and i luved the presant he gave me i shall treasure it.But i must say even though you made me very welcome you seemed a bit quite and preoccupied with your thoughts, and even my outfit didnt seem to distract you which is a first!!!
    i do hope everything is ok with you and hopefully my next visit will get your full attention!

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