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How Uneventful Life Would Be . . .

My God, cigarettes gone up again,  and before any clever person says you should have made a New Year’s resolution to stop smoking, let me remind you  all, I only ever make one New Year’s resolution . . . and that is not to make any!

Seriously though, can you imagine how uneventful life would be if you couldn’t smoke; have a glass of wine (or two), and do a couple of other things I’d better not mention here!
I mean; let’s get things in perspective . . . I work hard, I write hard, I am not a lazy person – but all that work really needs something to accompany it!

Which reminds me, I saw Speedqueen and Gareth on Tuesday.  He had to leave at nearly midnight (last train, etc) but I sat up speaking to Speedqueen until 7 am.  Another night gone into the realms of the Nether world:  problem is, most of the next day followed it too!

People coming over tomorrow late afternoon, so better not get to bed too late tonight.  Haven’t really even tidied the place up yet!

News?  Well book is flying ahead.  At this rate, I’m well ahead of schedule.  But that point is really only academic – the next book will be out this year. I’m surprised really how many people have already read it; probably because its on Amazon, or at least, that helps.

I heard from Jamie again tonight, and we are meeting soon.  For the benefit of some of you who might not know who he is, just ‘stay tuned’ and I will tell you more later.  I have always said, that time is only relative, if that might make more sense at the moment.  What do I mean? Well, in reality, there is no past.  The past is always ‘dead’ even when we go just one second beyond it!  But there IS an ‘eternal present’ which determines Life.  At least, life in the human span.

So anyway, better get an ‘earlyish’ night.

For the moment
David (Farrant)


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