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Sunday Seems Forever

Don’t really like Sundays. Not because its supposed to be religious day, but because of the ‘slow monotony’ of everything. I guess its not so bad compared to a few years back when everything was closed, the streets were quieter, and it really was more like a ‘day of rest’.

The church bells still rang, of course, but that was mainly for the benefit of those who thought (and still think) that God only exists inside some Church. I’ve already just previously said this (for those with the basic mentality to get the point), but there are actually people around who think that if you don’t attend one of these buildings it means that you ‘don’t believe in God’: that God doesn’t love you (but has ‘chosen’ them exclusively, of course!) or has ‘outcast’ you from the rest! It is really tragic sometimes to see this bigoted attitude. Surely the Great Creator who put us all here is available to anybody; providing, of course, people could but just open their hearts and REALLY recognise this Divine Principle of Love and gentle Compassion.

But there are really people around who think that. That if they dress up in certain religious garments (without even going to Church!) or go to a particular building (whether it be a Mosque or a Church) they – and they alone – have some exclusive right to God. Personally, I find this rather sad; especially, as is often the case, when people leave their particular Church for the day, they return to their same old human life-styles and the same prejudices which led them to believe that God only favoured exclusively, ‘them’.

There are many more people besides, of course, who think that no physical Churches are necessary to be ‘favoured by God’. The Internet is full of organizations offering certificates of ‘validity’ for people who wishing to gain the status of priests, bishops, deacons – even ‘Arch Bishops – merely on completion of some particular form. A well known one (widely advertised) is The Universal Life Church and I have actually seen forms completed by some people whereby they boast to having been ordained and ’given’ some ’religious status’. As an author, I was sent one such form (dating back to late January this year, I believe), and I am seriously think of framing it to add to my collection of ‘esoteric paraphernalia’ which really demonstrates the true mentality of such people.

It is not only religion, of course. Many ‘courses’ are available on the Internet whereby you can become fully fledged ‘witches’, ‘occultists’, Pagans and the like. No harm in it, I suppose. And not really any different from the people attending Church and then declaring that God loves only them! (Or in the case of witchcraft and Paganism you would have to add the Mother Goddess, I suppose).

Not sure what bought this on! Maybe because its still Sunday!



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  1. Dear David
    It seems that nowadays people spend their Sundays in those hell holes that are ‘retail parks’. I reckon shopping is now a form of religion. I had the gross misfortune to have to go to one of those places today, far too crowded and every shop appears to play loud music. I sound such an old misery, I’m turning into Victor Meldrew. Good for you starting a blog! I did think about trying to write a blog, it is very difficult, I could only think of entries such as ‘had a cup of tea’, ‘had a fag’, ‘had another cup of tea’.
    Regards Matt

  2. Thanks Matt,
    And let me welcome you as my first official ‘replier’!
    Yes. It is rather difficult. especially when you’ve never done it before. But I decided beforehand that nothing was going to be planned or ‘rehearsed’; just immediate thoughts as these come at the time.
    In fact, its far easier than writing a book as nothing needs to be in proper sequence, just thoughts put down as they happen.
    So, thanks again Matt and I look forward to any further comments.
    Yours for the moment,

  3. Hi David,
    ‘God’s House’ is not a building, but the who Universe. The Creator not only created us, but also the cosmos. Sunday is special, a time to relax and catch up with oneself. Those who believe that God exists only for them, are seriously misguided.

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