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Although its a Sunday, I don’t really want to talk about religion here.  I have learned that it causes too many problems – and I’ve learned the hard way!
 But I had an interesting phone call from somebody earlier.  Apparently, they’d seen some statement on the Internet declaring that if you don’t go to Church; then that means that you cannot believe in God!
She asked me what I thought.
This is not really my problem, so to this extent I was fairly evasive.  But she happened to be a fairly religious person and more-or-less wanted an answer – or at least, my opinion.
All that came to mind, was an old story told to us in assembley at a bording school I attended in Sussex around the age of 12 or so.  He used to be a Commander in the 2nd. World War but had obviously long-since retired – although he had apparently kept his true Christian principles. Even at that early age, I could tell that he had been ‘in the thick’ of that bloody war; but now he had retired and was now a qualified teacher.
He told a story (maybe from Victorian times; maybe dating back older – I don’t know) and it has always remained in my mind:
It was a cold and wintery day in London, and a little urchin child sought to take refuge in some brightly-lit church.  The child was dressed in rags, hungry and cold, and only wanted to enter the brightly-lit building as a means of some sort of shelter.
“You’re not allowed in here”, said some Church usher, and he evicted the little urchin back onto the dismal street.
The child broke down in tears, wondering why God should have rejected their attempt to enter the church.
As he was crying, the child encountered a vision . . . It was an angel sent by God to comfort him in his misery.
“Why are you crying”, the Angel asked?
“They won’t let me into their Church”, the child replied.
The sent Angel replied . . . “Well, don’t cry, because God can’t get in there either”.
I guess my point was, just to confirm that God can’t really enter anywhere; unless we really open our hearts to Him.
 That’s the only way I could really explain my point .
And its still Sunday!


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  1. Your story about the urchin child was spot on, David. Years ago, before the Welfare State, poor people were ‘put on the parish’ and the Church served as benefactor. My grandma, a widow with 14 children, once asked the local vicar for money to buy a bag of coal; she was refused in no uncertain terms, the reason being ‘you are not a regular churchgoer.’
    Some people need to know the true meaning of ‘compassion.’
    My grandma was a natural medium, from a psychic Gypsy family. She was born in a Gypsy caravan on Hounslow Heath.

  2. Cheers for answering David.
    I was reading about Dick Turpin earlier and he used to frequent hounslow heath. his ghost is seen in Epping forest and hounslow apparently.

  3. My mother attended the Spiritualsit Church in contrast contrast to my father who didn’t believe in God. He was a good and honest man and I’m not implying otherwise, but he was really opposed to all religion, including my mother’s spiritualism.
    PS That’s better than your ‘orgy’ question!

  4. As a matter of interest Craig, Dick Turpin is aslo said to haunt Hampstead Heath which is only a mile or so from Highgate Cemetery.
    Which part of the country are you from, if you don’t mind my asking?

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