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Something To Celebrate

'Nice one David, there's less dickipoggy down South, that's for sure!'

Well now we’ve really got something to celebrate. My friend Drew was down in London for a few days, and wanted to put the finishing touches on an exclusive interview he was filming with myself and others, about the Robin Hood legend, whose remains supposedly lie buried in a secluded woodland grave at Kirklees, in West Yorkshire.

There has been much controversy about Robin Hood’s last resting place : a common belief being that he died in Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire where he is commonly reported to have carried out his outlaw activities, with his band of ‘merry men’, and not in Yorkshire, which some have pointed out would comprise a very long daily commute on the basis of the locales where Robin’s transgressions were actually recorded as having taken place.

But that aside, Drew turned up with a small camera crew to interview myself to perhaps discover the truth of the situation, and ended up staying in London for a couple of days.
Well, there was not a lot I could tell him about ‘the truth of the situation’, as no one really knows, or has the right to claim that they know. However I was able to convey certain facts gleaned whilst I held the title of Patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society, pertaining more to the role that the grave has played as a focal point of local cultural significance, and also as a site which seems to be a focal point for paranormal phenomenon of some note.

Indeed I have never denied these significances; especially the latter. Whilst as a psychic investigator I have found the attempts of some people to manufacture alleged experiences of supernatural phenomenon at and in relation to the grave frustrating and distasteful, I have always maintained an interest in genuine and undistorted reports of activity in the vicinity, as well as the corresponding influence of possible ley lines in the area. But I have never given am opinion either way as to whether Robin Hood (if indeed he ever existed) dwelt in Sherwood Forest or is indeed buried underneath the Victorian folly at Kirklees.

Indeed, this is the main reason Drew and his film crew recently came to visit us in London to ascertain my own involvement in the matter. I should perhaps point out that as Patron of the YRHS I knew most of the ascertainable facts pertaining to the legend; which is the main reason Drew came to London with his crew to interview myself.

We spent a few hours filming over the last couple of nights, and feel that most of the true facts (at least as my own involvement was concerned) have been recorded in their entirety.
After a hard night’s filming on Saturday, the film crew seemed quite happy, and we all had a chance to relax for a while and enjoy a few well earned glasses of wine. Film will be released very soon, within a week or so, so please keep watching this space for details. Think you’ll really love it! At least, everyone else seemed to have enjoyed the making of it.

Be back very soon, all this filming can get to you, and just a little tired to give ny more developments at the moment.

For the moment,


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