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Some Might Even Say Cult Status

A still from the Christmas Special

Well Its all been happening. The aftermath of the great Christmas festival I suppose.

As I said before, Della and myself were working most of the way through it, and didn’t have much time to give – or even notice – the normal Christmas frivolities.  That is not really a contradiction because we were working on the completion of our much demanded film for the Christmas Special which can be viewed here:

We have had quite a bit of feedback following its final release after midnight on Christmas Day; mostly directly and on Facebook – it seems some fans are being sensible about being stalked by Mr Bonky’s head should they post their appreciation on Youtube! I suppose I can’t really blame them; that said apparently he likes it so much himself he has even kindly put up a link to the video on one of the fan sites he has taken it upon himself to dedicate to me. I should point out that I do not endorse any of these, but I suppose they are flattering in their own way, and show his appreciation for some of my numerous followers! I mean, imagine the hours and hours of thankless  effort he must put into them…

Anyway, he has done, and in doing so has given me a weird form of unsought fan adoration from the rest of the world. Some might even say cult status. On that subject I have recently received a flurry of emails from people who had never contacted me before but were asking about ordering books, and copies of the film. I’m sorry to any of you who are reading this who I have not managed to get back to yet, but I will definitely answer all your queries. I am after all only human, and its been such a hectic time. So I’ll say it again, “Cheers, Bonky!” and I hope you had a happy Christmas, even being somewhat ‘off your head’.

But seriously, there has been a lot of appreciation for the Christmas Special, and all the work was well worth it, and thank you all for your support.

On to other more mundane matters, we were just taking it easy tonight and showing the film to a few visitors. Also just catching up on a few odds and ends that have gone amiss while our time has been so preoccupied with the film. As I write, for example, Della is just relaxing by getting up to speed with her darning. I ripped a hole in my pullover the other night during the filming (accidentally) and she insisted the pullover was too good to just chuck away when a small half inch tear could be easily fixed with a bit of invisible stitching. I didn’t argue as she does enjoy sewing. She had also cooked a very delicious free-range corn-fed chicken earlier this evening, served up with Jersey potatoes, garnished with homemade garlic bread, duck eggs and asparagus, as we were having such a lazy day.   Sometimes the simple pleasures in life can be the most delicious; and certainly take much less work.

Thought you might like to see a still picture from the Christmas Special, so have posted one above. It shows Gareth, myself and the mysterious Alien. But I’ll just have to leave you all to guess who’s really playing him! (I can’t say even if I wanted to, as we are bound by contractual terms and film rights at the moment).

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