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Kev relaxing in Spain © Kevin Chesham 2012
Kev relaxing in Spain © Kevin Chesham 2012

Still very busy, engrossed in commissioned articles, film projects and interviews, and God knows what else, but at least it’s a little warmer now, which seems to supply a little more energy and avert the task of having to get out of bed.

The American film based on the Comic Book is now all but complete. It has been made according to some of the storylines making up the Comics, with real actors improvising for some parts while other roles are brought to life through CGI and animation. My friend Gareth has been given a role in it (and myself of course); Yorkshire lasses and aliens are included  together with a self-styled primate and the return of ‘Cousin Hoggy’, Down Under warthog who escapes from his native billabong in a desperate bid to find historical Victorian sources in the UK, and thus fulfil his ambition to become a writer of acclaimed esteem. I have been sent some of the rushes, and all I can say is the whole thing is outrageously funny! Hopefully the film will be released before the end of the year, and I’ll certainly keep you up to date on its news and progress.

As well as this, I had a visit from my old friend Kev last week, but he only had a short vacation this time as he had to return to Spain for some important racing events. As well as his work in Torromolinos, Kev has also been branching out with his Boscombe based boss into some pretty high profile work in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where he is under training contracts. He was surprised at the cold over here, as he has got used to wearing nothing but shorts and vests due to the soaring temperatures on his exotic travels. He was less surprised, however, when his boss abroad drew his attention to some apparent hateblog that was engineered to damage his professional reputation. I say less surprised, as this is quite a regular hobby for the person who created the hateblog in question. However when Kev saw it for himself he and his boss, as he put it, ‘fell off [their] chairs laughing’.  Kev was nonetheless none too pleased as he felt the originator of this material had created it in all seriousness, without intending that the whole thing, including its creator, could be viewed as a ‘joke’.

Kev will be returning to the UK for 15 days in the Summer, and is looking forward to catching up with his friends in England again, and  distance running along some of his old routes when he stays with his boss in Boscombe. This is likely to be around June or July. But in the meantime gave me some rather interesting information about how he had first met the person in question. In fact this was in the early 1970s, when Kev actually got the same person a job as a lifeguard at a swimming pool in Hornsey, North London, after he had just been sacked from his job as a milkman. This turned out to be an embarrassing move for Kev, as the person he had helped ended up making himself very unpopular with his new colleagues. Indeed, he even earned himself the staffroom nickname of ‘Adolf the Merchant Banker’ due to his incessant praise for Adolf Hitler! Other names came into his mix of memories, some of which were familiar to myself, and also brought back old memories, which when jogged, somehow seemed as accessible as a tape recording but which had completely lost their relevance over time. Sometimes it seems that life has a way of  just dropping things into place by itself, for what Kev said had more than a few echoes of some unexpected communications, received by Della and myself in just the last week (the mind truly boggins – sorry, mean’t boggles!).

Anyway, meeting Kev before too long now, when he will no doubt bring me up to date.

On another matter, I have just released part 1 of my filmed Talk for Atlantis Bookshop, at the Devereux pub on Jan 4th this year. Sorry for the delay, but here is the link, hope you enjoy!

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