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So That Still Stands

Yes, I know. I’ve been a little slow again! On the other hand, I think most people realize that I’ve still got all this physical construction work going on all around me which does make normal life a little more difficult.

Still, I have survived far worse conditions, so that will make no difference in the long run. One of the books (my new autobiography) is not far off finished now. But I will keep everybody updated on its progress. It contains ‘brand new’ material – at least it contains old material that has never so far been published. Its all original stuff that I wrote around 1975, but I excluded it from the first print of “Dark Secrets” as frankly it was too long. Anyway, now its all going in (even some new “naughty bits” as the late Kenny Everett would say) so that might please some ‘Bonky people’ of this world! I am not changing any of it (apart from bits of grammar) as its what happened at given times. It would be ‘cheating’ to re-write history just to accord with feelings in the present. Its as I originally wrote it, and so that still stands.

Its been a beautiful day, and I took full advantage of it by getting out a little. I went to the Indian grocer to get a couple of cold beers and there was one old drunk causing trouble in there. He said he had been short-changed; but I was not fooled by that for a minute as I’d seen him do this sort of thing before. He ‘started’ on me just outside the shop and asked me for some money. I looked him straight in the eye and said ‘no’. He mumbled abuse and I told him he’d get more than money if I caught him insulting friends of mine again. I think he knew I was serious so he ‘backed off’, but that didn’t stop him hurling abusive insults after me when I was a ‘safe distance’ away. I could have gone back. But what was the point?

Some human beings are so far removed from reality, that they are just incapable of listening to any but them selves. What a way to live! Trapped inside a cage of your own hatred!. I remember thinking . . . Thank God, I’m not like that! Then home. Loads more work (writing) and I’ve only just stopped for a short break. (Hence this Blog).

My large back room is finished now, so the next thing is a fitted carpet. Then I can start moving all the furniture back and make some more space in my lounge. Got to get the double bed back in there as a priority. Well, its always handy if you have visitors!

For the moment, David


8 Responses

  1. No David I am sure you wont mind me saying you are a clutterer and I am a thrower away-er. So please take some advise and try to have a system!!! I hope you have nice white walls and have made aN “ORIGINAL FEATURE” of that gorgeous Victorian fireplace. My idea of “renovating” is paint all the walls white( or a shade of white) tidy all the files into some kind of order, chuck everything else away except your books, have no furniture other than a couple of comfy hairs, youc computer corner, maybe a telly and a music system.A few interesting picture on the walls–like—erk—-Big Black pentacles?????(private joke) some perfumed candles–but dont set yourself on fire!
    Now I shall be coming down to inspect that you have done as I have instructed, young man!
    hurry up with the book, I want to see what dickipoggy you have been up to! My book is flying off the shelves in Halifax–dId you get the link to the two page spread in Tuesday?

  2. Back rooms looking really good now david. i couldnt believe the change when i saw it!!
    u have a really good view out of that back window and the paint and plaster job is well finished.
    i agree with barbara, get rid of ur junk and stop whording!!!
    i’ll come over when its done and u have a housewarming:D

  3. – “Now I shall be coming down to inspect that you have done as I have instructed, young man!”
    Watch out, David….she’s set to plant a big smacker on your puss.

  4. I though it was too good not to be true! THE CAT’S BACK AGAIN!
    All I wanted was a bit of peace from the phantom feline creature – and suddenly, its back. (Complete with all the unfounded sexual innuendoes!).
    Just rest assurred Cat, when my penthouse is finally finished, it will put many people to shame; and give luxuriant pleasure to some others!

  5. Thanks Craig,
    Not sure if uou meant ‘hoareing’ or ‘hoarding’. All the same really. I suppose!

  6. Don’t get me wrong David. I am glad your flat has been sorted out properly. You went too long guzzling beer and smoking fags amid great heaps of gunge and old clobber. Now perhaps you can locate those cheescloth knickers that went missing…

  7. Nice to see you back and in your usual form, Cat.
    As a matter of interest, the only knickers I ever found here were the ones a visitor left 1n 1989.
    There was a person just a year or two ago who was continueously losing them in the bed, but as far as I know, she always found them. Who knows!?
    Yes. Its good that the flat is finally being done. Would you believe its actually 9 years since legal proceeding first began and the people concerned used every ‘trick in the book’ to avoid doing any work. Now there is a Court order in place though, so that little game would be a lot more difficult.
    You really must drop in and have a beer sometime – or ‘drop-down’ more-like if you’re coming from heaven!

  8. Great news that your flat’s finally being sorted out. Can’t wait to see it on Friday! Think I’ll bring round some beers to celebrate….

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