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Secret Chiefs Talk

© Chris Coghill
© Chris Coghill

Just received some pictures of my Secret Chiefs Talk on September 16th.

Thanks Chris. As Chris explained, he didn’t use flash to save distracting people, which is why one or two many be on the dark side. But you can see me with my books, which is all that really matters!  (Beginning to sound like ‘Bonky’ here!).

It was a good turn-out with quite a few new faces.  I determined not to go over the same old ground again so I spoke more about the ‘witchcraft’ Trial and later ‘witchcraft events in prison; which led some Sunday newspapers to adopt headlines such as “Naked Witchcraft in the Nick”!

As it happened, it wouldn’t really have mattered if I had repeated old material, as it was “fresh” for many people with all the new faces.  I enjoyed it more anyway for this reason   To keep talking about ‘vampires’ when I don’t even accept their existence, is really a bit boring!

Anway, here is one of Chris’s pictures [above] and I obviously have his permission to use it here (and his full name).

The only drawback to the whole occasion was that they’d stopped smoking in the Talk room, and I had to go outside for a cigarette.  But with people like Gareth for company, what more could a man want?!  But apart from that, there was plenty of wine to compensate for any lack of cigarettes (as you can see on the table!).  Oh, and thanks again Patsy for that huge glass!

That’s all really.  Except just remember, the picture is Chris’s copyright just in case ‘certain people’ (‘Yorkshire puddings’ included) get any bright ideas of copying it!

For now,
David (Farrant)


3 Responses

  1. That I’m really not sure about, Craig. I do know that she certainly cannot be trusted anymore, which is why my friend Chris wants nothing further to do with her.
    No. I did not mention ‘him’ in the Talk; although I did in the Questions afterwards when a journalist brought up certain ravings he made to the Fortean Times. Anyway, my whole Talk was folmed, so I can show you sometime – when you can breakaway from the pub!
    Now, please get working on that Banner. Or I’ll turn Karen loose on you! Which would be a fate worse than death!
    For the moment,

  2. David,
    Regarding the “Yorkshire Pudding”, i.e., CF [full name removed Ed] I didn’t know she continues to write about you, as you imply.
    From what I’ve seen, she’s been fairly inactive of late, regarding the Highgate matter.
    Could you point out her blog to me?

  3. I have removed the person’s full name, Overseer, as is my policy here unless I have peoples’ prior permission.
    The answer to that is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Yes, I believe that person still has another Blog but she made it private. The link was emailed it to me but I’m afraid I simply lost it so no longer have it. But I know the person who sent it has kept it, so I will ask her for it again and send it to you.
    I do not know if she’s still writing about me now (although she certainly WAS until fairly recently), but one thing is for sure, if she is, next to nobody will be reading it. (Thank God, for that anyway!)
    Anyway, I will send it when I get it.

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