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Secret Chiefs Talk 2

© Chris Coghill
© Chris Coghill

Thank you for the email response everyone about my Secret Chiefs Talk.
Not very good at posting pics (as some of you may have gathered from past  attempts!) but here is another of Chris Coghill’s photographs of the Talk.
David Farrant


8 responses

  1. OI!
    what happened to my post last night?
    all i said was do u think The Fugly Dumpling has been dumped by lord bishop dickhead?
    i bet any money she was used and discarded big style.
    i suppose she wont give a toss about chris’ copyright and will still steal the picture for another forum or e-book that never goes further than her dodgy keyboard. (although the last one was hilariously funny for being so badly written)
    do u think she still calls the senile one ‘bishop’ or exchanges christmas pleasantries?
    speaking of which, did he ever send u an xmas card in all the years that u knew him?
    how about a birthday card?
    did he ever buy a round in the woodsman or was he as tighht fisted back then as he is now?
    Lord Craig of Byron
    earl of southern

  2. hhaha
    the idea was to suprise u.
    how did i know the back garden was a bit overgrown.
    i’m suprised richard attenborough isnt doing a documentary from your garden.
    “And here…we have…the lesser known highate Vampire…oh look…a fat bald bloke with a stake…”
    Sir Craig of Byron
    lord of Glastonbury
    (why does baldy pronounce it ‘glass-tonbury’? bit delicate in the head is he?)
    p.s i miss fugly dumplings blogs. they were pretty funny. anyway she has got one but its private.
    officilally, ur not supposed to be able to read it….

  3. Craig, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to delete your post. Really, it was accidental.
    Look, I really don’t know what the score is in the ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ department. But I agree with you, that it was probably something like that. I really don’t care anymore anyway; although I do when it comes to her trying to hurt good people like Chris. I am told, the person emailed Chris to apologise saying . . . ‘it was nothing to do with herself’.
    She must really have a ‘screw loose’ if she really believes that! It was down to herself, and nobody else!
    On a happier note, I’ve told you that if you visit, just to wait at the door to give me time (bad foot, etc). If you’d had fallen over that fence, you would have really been in trouble! There’s brambles and broken glass down there, so just be lucky I ‘rescued’ you.
    Thanks for the dented can of beer, anyway. I needed it!

  4. Dogmatologist wrote on another blog:
    – “(Bonky) has invited Farrant to tea on a number of occasions, a fact which has been recorded on various forums and in local newspapers. Farrant has always poured scorn on the idea and used the opportunity to hurl more abuse at (Bonky)”
    He invited you to tea????? Bloody hell!!! Why didn’t you go!???

  5. Missed the post, Cat, but it seems like the usual publicity-seeking nonsense.
    Actually, it wasn’t an invitation for ‘tea’, but to be ‘exorcised’!
    Can you imagine that?! The devil trying to exorcise the devil!
    Talk about ‘mind boggling’!

  6. I don’t think anybody misses her purile Blogs,, Craig – except maybe herself and the ‘bonky one’!
    They were getting pretty ‘desperate’ last time I copied any of them: probably one reason she had them closed down! Or more precisely, was ordered by the Church to take them down. ‘ God works in mysterious ways’, I suppose. But I guess that was learned the hard way!
    Yes, you are welcome agin: but please bring some ‘placid’ cans of beer next time!

  7. Dear David
    Hope you are well? I was thinking, isn’t it 40 years ago this December that you saw the apparition at Highgate?
    Seriously you should do a special DFTVX broadcast in December.
    Regards Matt

  8. Hi Matt,
    Wasn’t ignoring you. Just been so occupied with things, its sometimes difficult to keep up.
    But I have since spoken to the two ‘film producers’ of my Blog and they both agree we should get some more Blog filming – rather Youtude filming – done.
    Yes, it will be 40 years in December since I sighted that ‘ghost’, so maybe that would be an appropriate time for release.
    The matter is in hand!
    Thanks Matt,

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