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Pleased To Announce . . .

Just me again! © Della Farrant

I am pleased to announce that the 5th Part of my filmed interview with Redmond McWilliams about the Highgate ‘vampire’ affair that erupted in North London in the late 1960’s, is on time for release for Hallowe’en.

I will put a direct link here on my Blog (as I have done with all the other episodes), so just keep tuned here and you can’t miss it.  Hallowe’en is only a week off after all – so no excuse really for any delays.

For people following Redmond’s interview, I did explain at the onset (before having even seen any of the footage) that it was likely to be a long interview and would have to be divided into parts.  In fact, it didn’t take any clever analysis to work this out, because when Redmond arrived to record the interview on July 21st at 6.30 that Saturday evening, we did not finish recording until 7 am on the Sunday morning.  That’s almost 13 hours; which is quite a long time for a dedicated interview!  But, of course, the point is, it took a lot of time to complete all the long editing which had to be done meticulously to make sure no irrelevant material was left out.  So, last part of Redmond interview coming up for Hallowe’en.

But as well as this interview,  we are still trying to complete the Hallowe’en Special; although I did say in advance I was not sure if this would be ready for Hallowe’en.  It requires a couple of location shots with other people and obviously their arrangements and times have to fit in with each other.  But unlike our first Robin Hood film (which was very serious by nature), this ‘Special’ will really be a ‘spoof’ in that it depicts some of the ludicrous antics of people connected with Robin Hood’s legendary grave at Kirklees.  So please bear this in mind when you come to watch this film and don’t take its content too seriously: unless, of course, you really want to believe in flying elephants!

Though having said that, and to be fair to some events it parodies, some of these are based on real-life experiences, and people who have engaged in them.  Robin Hood himself is played by an actor, of course,  or more precisely, his ‘ghost’ is!

What else?  Well not a lot really.  The usual writing and books to keep on top of, but Della really has been invaluable here.  She always remembers if I have forgotten to do something (and I invariably do!) then ‘nags’ me until I do it!  For example, I forgot to post a book last week even though I put the order aside and it had been paid for.  If it hadn’t been for Della, the poor lady would still be waiting for her book!  (Sorry Sally, but hope you’ve received the book by now which was posted yesterday).

So, that’s really about it for now.  And see you all soon,



5 responses

  1. Yes, you’re absolutely right, Sweetheart. I did! Sorry Rose, but we did remember you, and glad to see you are really getting better now. At least, you looked better when we saw you yesterday after a week or so’s absense. As I said in my last Blog, I rely on Della to remind me of some things; things which I mean, but may have forgotten sometimes! See you soon,

  2. Good news about the 5th Part. But are you going to upload Part 2 of your interview with Mark Pilkington? Part 1 has been up for a while, but no Part 2 has appeared, with no explanation.

  3. Thanks ‘Project 144’. Hope you will like Part 5 of my interview with Redmond Mc Williams which is coming soon. Please be patient, as these film extracts really do require a lot of careful editing, mainly for length reasons alone. The second part of Mark’s interview will be up after this . . . but i have really been so busy lately!

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