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We Aren’t Doing a John and Yoko, Honestly!

Busy week so far, and its only Wednesday! Della and I were up at 5.30am yesterday to get ready for my interview with Don Ecker’s Dark matters Radio, which you can listen to here, just look for the broadcast day of Tuesday: [Link no longer active – Ed.]

In fact, Don doesn’t know this (well he will now!) but the whole interview was conducted from our bed. We aren’t doing a John and Yoko, honestly. It was just a very uncivilised time of day to be up and about!

We have had quite a few comments about Della’s article posted here yesterday but, amazingly, not from regular readers here, but on a separate forum which seems to be ‘crusading’ for the disclosure of exact BPOS sources to assist another author in the writing of his own book!  I have already made it plain, that the sources the BPOS have uncovered are to aid in the publication of a new chapter in my next book on Highgate, and all the ‘ghosties’ and ‘demons’ associated with its history – as opposed to mine which the autobiographical series has focussed on so far.

It would therefore be highly unlikely for any author to give away details of their private research before this had been published in their own scheduled publications. Its nothing personal or evasive. This is just normal literary procedure.  Any direct questions about Della’s article should therefore be made on the original Forum where it appeared – in this case, here, on The Human Touch.  They can then be answered  normally; probably this conforms with the normal code of practice which I have defined above. In anycase, Della is not a member of the FB group in question, so can hardly answer questions about the article there, should she find the time.

What else? Oh yes, another article in Fortean Times. The current edition has run a piece about the Highgate Vampire case for Hallowe’en, and we do feel that Alan Murdie has done a very good job. He references recent remarks made in the Press by Mickey Gocool, my wife Della, and myself about the ongoing sightings of the Victorian clad entity seen so often in and around Highgate Cemetery. Why does it appear in Victorian or pre-Victorian garb? Well the answer is in the question if you think about it.  In anycase, you can read the article below.

Well that’s it for now folks, and we hope you enjoy the article!

For now,


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