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Patsy’s New Book

Patsy’s Book The Highgate Vampire Casebook is now in print again, and is available from Amazon as from next week.

I can also send a copy to anybody who wants one.  Just  let me know here.  The first edition of her book quickly sold out on Amazon but orders were still coming in fast so we had to reprint to meet demand.  That has now been done.  Her book has a new cover now and there is a photograph of Patsy inside the jacket (see above).

Well that’s the main reason for this Blog; just to let you all know.  I will be seeing Patsy and her fiance soon and I understand she may well want to post something up here herself about it.  Well you are most welcome Patsy.  Then the comment would be first hand, as opposed to coming from myself.  But I do try!

For the moment everyone


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  1. Dear Everyone,
    It is gratifying to know that demand has necessitated a reprint of Patsy’s book, because so far her abilities have been underrated by the public. After reading her original draft several times, I felt moved to write a four page introduction, pointing out that she is one of the few people to have bothered to do a full-scale investigation into an alleged supernatural phenomenon. I hope that in future people will take her as seriously as she deserves.
    Having been born with Venus in Virgo, I get irritated by even small mistakes in texts, and there were a few in the first edition, which I think we have now eliminated. In my original introduction, I mentioned a prominent biologist “whose name I forget, though he was an old friend of my late father”. Soon afterwards, my aunt sent me a biography she had written of my father, which reminded me that his name was Gordon Sheals, and this has been incorporated into the new edition.
    Gareth J. Medway (posted by David Farrant).

  2. Dear David,
    simon here, I was looking at the postings for pasty’s new book and I thought can I ask you a question David?
    When you and other members of the investigation group first went to highgate cemetery to do the ritual of communication with the unknown enitity, was there any other person who knew you and your team were going to do the ritual?
    Meaning, was it in total secret or were there any others who knew about what you and your team were attempting to do?
    The reason I ask this, it’s strange that the police knew exactly where to find you and your team on that night! I know they were watching the cemetery, but I assume you and the team were careful to go unnoticed…were the police tipped off?
    best regards

  3. Thanks Simon,
    Firstly, I received that in the week and will deal with it after the holiday, thanks.
    I have suspected for some time that the police were ‘tipped off’ about it, yes. and I think I know by whom. The individual and a friend of his had an avid interest in the case at the time, and they also had their contacts.
    I hope that answers the question!

  4. Hi I’m trying to get hold of a copy of David’s book out of the shadows any idea where I can get a copy of if it’s available to read as a download please

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