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Sitting On My Knee (In A Miniskirt!)

Gareth Medway interviews David Farrant

It’s a bit warmer now thank the good Lord.

Hope it doesn’t get cold again, which its supposed to.  The only good thing about it is, if it does, it’s a good excuse to have a warming whisky.  Not that I ever need any excuse.

I’ve just been requested to write about some of the Talks I’ve given.  Seems to have taken ages, but then I’ve given a lot of Talks.  Some pay better than others, but I really don’t care about the money, as long as they pay my basic expenses and I’m not out of pocket.  They usually feed you well anyway, and I’ve met some interesting people at them . . . dare I say . . . some have even come to listen to me!

I have chosen this one to reference briefly here; mainly because I have a convenient picture of it.  It was my Weird Weekend Talk in 2005 run by Crypto-zoologist (yes I KNOW, I may have spelt that wrong, but I can’t be bothered to look it up!) Jon Downes.  I  was highly honoured to have been invited to the very first one in 2000, and it was there that I met author and psychic researcher (and ex-police detective!) Mike Hallowell.  That was held in an ‘off-duty’ Church Hall  but by 2005, Weird Weekend had come a long way and we were accommodated in the rooms of a very comfortable country pub.  I believe it was at the 2005 Talk, that I met author Matt Salusbury; but don’t take my word for that, it could have been somewhere else.

I was interviewed by Gareth J. Medway who I remember raised a laugh by asking why I always had my (then) secretary sitting on my knee in a mini skirt!  Actually Gareth, that wasn’t that funny – you put me in a very embarrassing position  (and remember, I was still going out with her then!).

Anyway, I’ve got to write some of these Talks up for yet another project which I’ve agreed to.  Just hope you can see me in the photo as I hidden at the back (well at the front really, as the pic. was taken from the back) by the fire-place.

So, I’d better get on with  it or never get finished  For the moment,


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