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On With The Book

My friend D. came over this afternoon as I was having a slight problem with the computer. Nothing serious, and he soon sorted it out.

I’m not very good on the technical side of computers (although I’m certainly getting the hang of doing my blog!) But then, I only mainly use mine for my writing. In fact, that side of it is almost a blessing thinking back to the days of old electric typewriters and their limitations.

When he’d gone a little later, there was a telephone call from an elderly gentleman who invited me over to his home to discuss an upsetting letter he’d received. He said that the letter contained apparent email quotes by a ‘lovely lady’ (about himself) and he couldn’t really believe that these were genuine as he’d previously met her. So I’m going over to see him.
Another warm day, today. Good! I really love the heat. Its only the cold – rather ice and snow – that really affects me. Can’t walk so easily in those conditions. Still, winter and the cold is still some way off. So just making the best of the summer.

Later, made the usual replies to things, then returned to my new book. I’ve been working on this for the best part of a year now, and I hope it will really ‘blow the lid off’ when it comes to (as it has done) bringing things ‘up to present’.

Quite enjoying it really, as much of the documentation is already to hand. Don’t have to wait days or weeks for research material from libraries, when I have it all first hand in the form of letters, photographs and a mass of other material copied from the Net. Speaking as an author, that certainly makes things considerably easier! Well, having said that, its not THAT easy! Can you image having to sift through hundreds upon hundreds of copied Internet documentation; and that’s not to mention private letters and other correspondence relating to the subject?

But its slightly easier tonight and Gareth changed his usual Friday evening. More wine for me!


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  1. I am told Princess Diana is in the news again. Have you ever met any royals or peerage? Nonesuch celebrities here where I am. Only other cats and John Baldrey’s goat for company.

  2. Oh! The goat’s up there too is it? Heard that was supposed to have been sacricifed in some ritual as well as yourself! Heaven must be getting pretty overcrowded nowadays!
    “Have I ever met any Royals?”. No. Although I dearsay some of them would have heard of me!
    I think you might be getting this idea from an American publication that got the same idea and recently suggested I had been Knighted by the Queen!
    Fantasy, of course, but only harmless fun.
    Well, having said that, some of the things predicated and reported in that publication turned out to be remarkably accurate. So maybe I am in line for a Knighthood, who know’s?!

  3. Hi David,
    I’m getting on with my new book as well, especially now I have a new printer installed. Taking a trip to Ickenham tomorrow, in search of more ghosts and legends.

  4. I have seen that comic where the pouty prelate is so henpecked by your spunky former assistant that he seeks solace in drink. I suppose that already has come true.

  5. Thanks David. Spent a bit more time taking photos than I really wanted, and got chilly as a result. The things I do for my art, I tell you!

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