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No Rest For The Wicked

It’s a bit cold to go walking in the woods now, which is a pity because its always relaxing and gets you away from all the noise and bustle.

In the flat, there are always phone calls or emails to answer, although most of these go to my main Website email address (but I have a great team to help me with those). Or the doorbell goes and its some annoying Council official; and if its not any of that, it’s the Council digging up the street!

But in the Woods, its usually quiet; at least the part I go. I know I have said this before, but maybe again now because its just reminding me that the nights are drawing in and the days won’t get any warmer for a while. Which does remind me of one funny thing. When I mentioned this in the Summer, one rather confused very old woman said that I only went into the woods to ‘chase women’! Well, one has to make allowances for muddled old age, but all the beautiful women tend to go to the Pavilion where there is a cricket pitch and they sell ice cream, tea and coffee. But I always avoid all that bustle. Mind you, its tempting as when its hot, a lot of beautiful young women sun-bathe over there in bikinis! But I still prefer the solitude of my own company; I always have done where possible.

Heard from the wholesalers earlier (woke me up!). The comic books have nearly sold out, so that means I’ll have to get at least another 500 printed. Not so much of a problem really as the ‘blue print’ has been kept on the machine so it only really means pushing a couple of buttons. No problem with the cost though because the first run has already paid for itself well over.

What else. Well, I received some official documentation yesterday which I forwarded to the police which they should have received this morning. I was told to leave them to deal with it; which I took to mean that would first have to check with all the people concerned. This suits me fine as I’ve so much else to do at the moment. Well. I would have wouldn’t I? what with Halloween fast approaching!

Yet more news! I hear a certain forum has now been suddenly made private. Bit late now as I already have copies of ALL of it! Its funny, you know, many of these minute sites (the one just mentioned had a regular membership of only two people!) actually boost their own ‘hits’ when only a couple of people are reading them – pathetic really! Think the right word for this would be ‘obscurity’.

I mentioned here yesterday that I have a TV film coming up around Halloween and we have received several enquiries about that. Please be patient people! I have not announced the programme because 1) I gave my word to the TV company and 2) they asked me to give this mainly because there are a couple of nutcases out there who would probably try and ‘cash in’ on it. These people couldn’t in reality, but they just want to avoid all the hassle! (And so do I!).

One more funny thing maybe. Went to get another pullover from the wardrobe next door yesterday and there was a little mouse with babies nesting in it! Its probably because the room is hardly ever entered in cold weather and she felt safe in it. The sudden light disturbed her but she stayed with the babies; brave little thing. I gently put half of it back over her and selected another jumper from the top shelf.

I thought I hadn’t imagined ‘scratching noises’ from next at night. I had just put it down to further subsidence of the ceiling or a ghost. But now that mystery is solved!


9 Responses

  1. -“Went to get another pullover from the wardrobe next door yesterday and there was a little mouse with babies nesting in it! ”
    MICE?!! Now finally HERE is a subject worth talking about. You do realise it would be easy to call in a neighbourhood cat to “deal with” the situation, don’t you?

  2. Cats and mice co-existing? Rubbish. Mice are foul creatures that must be ruthlessly rooted out and eliminated. As far as I am concerned, there is no middle ground. You are either “pro-mice” or “anti-cat”!

  3. I don’t mind mice; I used to keep the when a child.
    I don’t mind cats either, believe it or not. I had one for nearly 18 years before she died of old age. Her name was Katie and people nicknamed her “Katie Cat”!
    That’s not meant to be a joke, its really true!

  4. And I do hope you’ll analyse that “paranormal photo” of the pontiff which is making the rounds, since such “psychic” matters are your milieu.

  5. I care for all Nature, you spectral feline.
    What do you think Wicca is? Its a Nature religion, for God’s sake!
    You do realise you’ve upset a certain person by posting here?! She thinks you are in ‘bad taste’! and blaming me for entaining your ‘miaowings’.
    I must say that I have to defend you here. After all, it is a free country and everyone has the right to express themselves – even cats!

  6. I think you must be referring to the same one I’ve been referred to.
    Its a fair point, and normally I’d comment, but I really don’t want to refer to things on that particular site.
    After all, the majority of posts there (except a very small minority such as that) are all about myself.
    This makes it very difficult for me as I want nothing to do with the person concerned and who has made all the other posts.
    Sorry Cat, but I think I’ll pass on that one!

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